Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Littlest Cowboy

Gosh! Can't believe a week has passed since my dentist rant last week. I do apologize for that and will focus on more fun things from now on.  I did manage to get Jacks birthday "Cowboy" shirt finished while in our Grand Terrace home away from home.
I waited to put the buttons on until we got home because I wanted to look through my 1/2 gallon jar of buttons first before buying some and I found the perfect ones.
We won't tell Jack that I used my "Rosie" to model his shirt. His birthday is tomorrow and sadly I won't be there to see him open it and model it himself.
Yesterday, before we left to come back to Grand Terrace, I got to take Jack here to shop for the rest of his birthday present.
He told me he wanted boots from Boot Barn for his birthday a long time ago and when we walked in he knew right away what he wanted. Quite different from shopping with the girls.
He wanted to wear them after trying them on, but I explained we had to pay for them first and would put them on in the truck.
Well, we no sooner got out the door and he plopped down here and got busy. Oh, and we got boot socks too...didn't know there were special socks, but the label said "Boot Socks"

Four (almost five) year old Jack. He said he couldn't wait to get home, get his Cowboy hat on and ride the horse.
While I was packing to leave, I looked out my door and saw my littlest Cowboy Jack and his daddy. Can't wait for him to see his Cowboy shirt.

Our long weekend was spent working on this.
Can't wait to show you how cute it is becoming.
Mr. SS says it is scary because this little wonder  is looking a lot like our previous house...Hmmmm.

We are now back in Grand Terrace and will be moving back to Riverside tonight for two weeks.
Then back here for the rest of the the summer...or until this job ends.  Of course weekends will still be back home to catch up, spend time with the kids and an occasional fix at my favorite Strawberry Patches.
this week I will get to finish the models for Suzanne, and will show those soon.

Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend as much as I did and that you remembered all those in the Armed Forces who serve or have served our Country.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Beverly, oh love that shirt!!! He will be head over heels with it..and what great boots those are!

So you are heading back to that sweet spot in Riverside, nice to know and will get over to see you there...we will be here until Saturday morning, they are not sleeping at all during the night so we are taking care of Grace in the mornings so they can get some sleep..her mom can step in on Saturday and Sunday..and hopefully next week they will be more in tune with it all..gosh I will miss being here and able to help them out..
What are you doing to your home in Bakersfield??? hugs and love to you and Mr. SS


Patty said...

Hi Beverly, I didn't realize you were going to be right around the corner all summer. I would love to get together for lunch or some fabric shopping. Email me and I will schedule a day off. The shirt came out adorable but I won't tell your little cowboy that...I'm sure he would rather look like a real rugged cowboy and not an adorable one!

Susy said...

Cutest cowboy shirt I've ever seen Bev ~ bet he loved it. xo

Jane said...

Oh my goodness...if he isn't the cutest thing putting those boots on right when he gets out of the store!! He's going to be one handsome little guy with the new shirt and the boots.
Thanks for visiting me. I wanted to answer your question about the rub-ons. You can find the rub-ons in the scrapbooking department of Hobby Lobby or Michaels. They are a lot of fun to use and work on so many surfaces.
Have a wonderful summer!

blessedmom's simple home said...

The shirt turned out so cute, um, I mean cowboyish...please don't tell him I said cute :) A cowboy wouldn't want to hear that! My boys all loved cowboy boots at that age. My twins still wear them, although not all the time like they used to.

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Hi Beverly. Gosh where have I been? I certainly have some catching up to do. No posts from me, no "sweet" comments left by me :) Ahhh, life happens. I guess I have an excuse which I may spare the details in a post. I ended up with such a severe sinus infection, it darn near landed me in the hospital. It was manifesting into something else and it could have been serious. I have been feeling pretty crummy these last few weeks. I kept blaming all of the issues on allergies. The doctor had no idea how I had managed for so long. Let me tell you though. It finally brought me down and I slept for almost 3 days straight, but Ohhhh, I am feeling so much better. I want to do a Happy Dance! I didn't realize how sick I was until I started feeling better.

Love the cowboy boots. He is so cute! When I saw him putting on his boots outside the store it reminded me of my boys. I miss them being that age. The shirt is as cute as can be. You do such beautiful work.

Have a wonderful and blessed week.
Hugs, Sue