Thursday, June 9, 2011

Technically challenged...

I think I have become a weekly poster. I have a good excuse this week.  All my pictures were in the memory of my camera because I left the card in the computer. I could not figure out how to get them on the computer.
Well, I am feeling so proud of myself this morning. I went on the Kodak website and found out how to get them from the camera memory to my card so I could get them to the computer...Duh! I know some of you would have no trouble with that, but as my title says...

Some of what I did last week,
starting with watching this guy catch a bunny and devour it (oh my!) and then run through MY space twice before disappearing.
Click on picture to see him better. I was as close as I was about to get, inside my motorhome through the windshield.

I made some bar stool pads for a client to match the three shades I made for her kitchen a month ago.
A cute little bubble dress for a model for Strawberry Patches.
And another cute little dress for a model.

Then while home for the weekend, we worked on our little trailer that we are redoing.
This corner is where the table goes. It used to be a bankette (?) table ( table with benches on either side)as  most all trailers have, but we took it out and will replace it. I'll show you what we are replacing it with soon.
A close up shows a blue and mauve mottled paneling.
I put up wallpaper. Yes, this is textured wallpaper that looks exactly like beadboard. Even Mr. SS (carpenter, everything has to be wood, man) loves it. I still have to paint (yes, you paint it) and it will really look just like wood. Can you tell...I love this too.  The greatest part, it was so easy to work with. I have put up a lot of wallpaper and this was a wallpaperer's dream.

Before we packed up and left to come back to Riverside, Jack had his 5th birthday party. I finally got to see him with his new Cowboy shirt on. He likes it almost as much as I did making it?

Mr. SS got to spend some Pappaw time with our youngest family member, Emmy Lou.
She doesn't sit still for anyone, but he bribed her with her drink cup.

We are back in Riverside now, and I have had another busy week. I'll share with you another time.
It is gloomy outside and I have a crockpot simmering with Chili and am doing what I love to do.
 I am so blessed.

What are you doing that you love?

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

You had a busy week but it looks like it was a wonderful week. I have been hearing about the beadboard wallpaper and everyone is raving about it. I am eventually going to re-do the guest room and I think I am going to try it. I hate being left out of all the excitement :)

Love the fabrics and Jack's shirt is so so cute on him. He is a cutey pie. It looks like Pappaw has someone mesmerized :)
Have a blessed day. Hugs, Sue

Nancy B said...

Hi, Beverly. You are just not afraid to tackle anything! That trailer looks like it might find a home at the beach or someplace. Would love to see it finished. I wanted to share that I now have an Abundantly Blessed table topper in my kitchen. Love it! I'm always amazed when I finish something...anything! Always love seeing what you are up to. Keep posting...

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Beverly, another week went by and I didn't get out to see you..I am bummed:( but will this week, lets set a the little dresses you did, I get all excited to start a project, then get my mind all mixed up when I start..I love seeing what you have been up to..Your home is going to be beautiful and I am anxious to see it when you are finished..just think, it seems like summer already, but it's not even here yet..
Have a blessed weekend with your loved ones, see you this week,
hugs and love

blessedmom's simple home said...

Love the photos Beverly. I'm technically challenged too. My kids are always helping me with something. It's a bit embarrassing when it's one of the twins. I mean, I've been online longer than they've been alive :) I don't have the t.v. remote down either.
Enjoy your week.