Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Quick Change Tutorial

Back a few weeks when we were getting the yard read for our family Easter, I mentioned to Mr. SS that I had found some oilcloth and wanted to redo a little patio set I had given my son and dil years ago. It had seen better days and I wanted it for a little spot across from the kids playhouse/swing set so I could sit and watch them play.
Well, before I could  gather all the stuff I needed to redo the seats he was painting. So...I didn't get a before picture of what I call the Ice Cream Parlor chairs.
and the Singer treadle machine legs for the table.
But I do have a lovely before picture of the seats for the chairs.
Before I could even pull the staples out of the old seat covers,
Mr. SS was making a top for the table.
So here are the painted chairs and the finished table just waiting for new seats and a tablecloth.
I mark the 2" thick foam for the seats.
and cut it out with an electric knife (no, not the one I use to slice the Easter Ham). This is a garage sale buy that works great for cutting foam.
I use Tacky Glue and hot glue to glue the wood to the foam.
Then I cover it with cotton batting first.
I have my own cute little compressor and staple gun that Mr. SS got me several years ago when I took upholstery classes.  I just can't handle a hand held stapler anymore.
Oops, as you can see by the bike on the ground here, I've got a helper.
Jack was only too happy to come help me hold the seats in place and take a picture or two.

Jack snapped this one of me starting to staple the batting on.
I pull and put pressure on the batting so it kind of rounds out the seat top and makes it easier to staple the Oilcloth, which is a little more stiff.
I start by stapling the four sides
and then work in the fullness in between.

Ta Da!! After cutting a circle for the tablecloth, my part is done too.
Mr. SS and I (and Jack) make a pretty good team.
I added a plant and a cute little chicken and this little spot is perfect.  Just tonight I saw two of the grand kids sitting there having ice cream, so it's not just a grandma spot.

As I was proof reading (I know, if I proof read how come I still make so many typos?) I realized this is sort of a tutorial so that's what I'll call it. Wish I would have shown you how easy it is to make a circle for the tablecloth...well another time.
By the way, oilcloth is great for outdoors and you don't have to hem it which makes it Sew Easy.

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God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Beverly, oh my gosh is that set stinkin' cuuuute or what! Love the treadle legs for the table, and nice to see Mr. SS there, what a nice fella he is! Love your little helper, too..he is handsome! I have never worked with oilcloth but it looks perfect for that application..very nice indeed! When I come up to see you we can sit there and have some nice iced tea!

hugs and love

Diane Mars said...

Very well done you all did a wonderful job, I love the oil cloth darling pattern. I am sure you are going to enjoy this set~ Hugs, Diane

Shelia said...

Hi Beverly! Oh, you did a wonderful job on your sweet little patio set. Love the base of your table. I have my great grandmother's sewing machine! Love the fabric you chose to cover your seats with. I see you have all of those special tools you need!
Thank you for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Colleen @ MuralMaker&More said...

Absolutely darling, Beverly! The base for the table . . . genius! Love the cherries - who knew it was 'sew easy' to recover chairs?

Well, at least you make it LOOK easy ;)

Suzanne said...

Don't you love the smell of real oilcloth? It's the perfect fabric for outside and those cherries are just the cutest! Mr SS is so willing to help and his assistant is a cutie patootie. Great project.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Beverly.... Now, how darn cute is that? ADORABLE.... So cheery!

I actually used to have that same Singer base.... and it was my kitchen table. We had quite a large top on the darn thing and it did just fine! .... About 4 x 4 or so... My daughter and her friends used to love to "treadle" during meals. Made me crazy!

Have a great day!


Linda said...

I love the way the set came out...the fabric is perfect! Using the old Singer base for the table is a great idea...everything looks so great!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Absolutely adorable...I love it, the legs on the table are so darling. It looks like new again. Great team work! A perfect place to sit and watch the grands play.
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

Susy said...

Thank You I'm inspired.So where do you find such cute oil cloth? I have an old wicker table on the patio I'd like to cover to protect it.

notes of sincerity said...

Oh my sweet heavens that is soo cute!! Beautifully done! Yes ... God is soo good!!! :o)