Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Girlie Girl Bags

A little over a year ago, I designed this little girls purse for my granddaughters. My friend, Suzanne @ Strawberry Patches encouraged  and helped me make it into a pattern to sell. I've shown them here before, but since I made  the bag this week, thought I would show you again.

This week I made 6 of each of these. Suzanne sells the pattern and the purses for me and I am very pleased that they sell well.
This one was from a new fabric line I spotted at Strawberry Patches and just had to try. I find myself  looking at  collections to see if I can put 5-6 fabrics together to make a cute purse.

This one I used all scraps from  birthday dresses and an Easter Dress.  It was so fun knowing I was using something I had on hand.

I have probably made close to a hundred of these and I never get tired of making them. Something about piecing the squares is like piecing a quilt, coordinating the fabric to look good. It is an easy pattern. In the pattern is a larger one too for us big girls. I add pockets inside and out to make it more big girl friendly.
The smaller ones, I love to fill with goodies all little girls love.
It is a good gift and my granddaughters have given one to many of their friends.

If you would be interested in a purse or the pattern to make your own, you can e-mail me. I haven't tried to sell them here before, but since I have never gotten around to setting up an Etsy store, thought I would offer them just this once. The pattern sells for $9.00 and the purses are $20.00.
You can also go to Strawberry Patches for both.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Susy said...

Hi Beverly. Couldn't sleep so I'm catching up on reading blogs. Glad you're feeling better. The Girlie Girl bags are so CUTE! They would be perfect for Etsy - you should do your spare time (: xo

Annelies said...

SEW adorable...but then I would expect nothing LESS from you!!!! I am hoping a trip to Strawberry Patches is in my NEAR future, and of course I will let you when that is happening!!!! I am off to teach at a quilt retreat this week. Will feel like a RETREAT for me too....goodness knows I could use some ME time (G)!!!! XXX

Suzanne said...

We had a customer in yesterday walking around with two of your little purses, trying to decide which to buy. I made the mistake of moving two purses from the back to the spot she emptied and then the decision making started all over again. How DO you choose with so many adorable combinations? She left with two of the ones from your first photo - my personal favorite too - and a huge smile. You are so talented! Thank you for all you add to Strawberry Patches.

Annesphamily said...

Sweet delights! You are talented. Happy Sunday to you and I hooe you sell them all quickly Anne

Dogmom Diva said...

Oh Beverly, I would like to buy a purse AND pattern..if I have the bag I can figure out the pattern! Can you pick out a cute one for me and I can give it to Grace when she is a bit bigger, maybe Easter next year?? You are so talented my friend..I am so glad you got to go home but I have to say that I miss you not being closer..I am going to try to come out and see you soon! when are you heading back down south?? We have to drive into San Dimas on Tuesday afternoon for appts..we can stop on our way back and say hi! let me know!
And if anyone is hestitant to buy anything you have made, I can vouch for her talent!

hugs and love

Patty@sewingseeds said...

These are adorable. As soon as things get settled here I will definitely be purchasing a pattern. Thank you for your sweet comment. I think I will take your advice and go back to my old blogspot address in the next month or so. Things are coming along here and I do miss making and posting my craft projects. I plan on getting into my craft space today and doing a little reorganization which usually gives me a kick in the rear to start creating. I'm inspired that you can get so much sewing done on the go. Talk to you soon, Patty