Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Week of Ups and Downs

If you know me at all by now, you know I don't get "down" as in discouraged or depressed or anything like that. So when I say we had some downs, I don't mean really down. Just so you get that about me.

Mr. SS had to take off  for Riverside by himself  last Sunday night and I stayed behind to babysit on Tuesday, so Mama Olivia could go on an all day field trip with fifth grader Drew.

Getting to babysit the other five from 7:30am until about 6:30 pm. I truly was blessed with fun, well behaved kids that just tickled my heart at every turn.
Brooke showing off her new birthday top I made her:

Jack's new favorite pose. (yes, we have a horse living in our little corner of the world...more about that later)

Getting to take off for Riverside to take care of and be with Mr. SS.  I left as soon as My DIL got home and was in Riverside to watch the "Dancing with the Stars" results...definetly an "up"

Waking up Wednesday knowing something wasn't right, but just gave in to thinking it was a spell of laziness.

I got to talk on the phone to my good friend Gail from Victorian at Heart
 for over an hour this morning. We haven't had a chance to catch up for months. Even though we live just minutes from each other, both our lives have been on a roller coaster lately.

Really down. Right after dinner I realized that feeling of laziness was the beginnings of the stomach flu. Oh my hasn't hit me so hard like this in years. Won't go into details, but you can bet I won't be eathing my famously delicious Lasagne for a long,  long time.

Thursday morning, after  being up all night, I slept from 5:30 am until 8:30 am and woke up feeling this darned thing I had been hit with was probably over.

Just  laying down most of the day afraid I would relapse.

Read my kindle and quilted some and anytime I have time for that is an up.
Received a confirming e-mail that blogger friend  Barb of Dogmom Diva and her husband, Carl would drive up to visit us at our home away from home on Friday for dinner. They live only about an hour away.
Barb is this sweet lady that came to visit me at my friends shop in Long beach last fall.
Here we are then.

Friday morning, got up and cleaned my whole "house", showered, did my hair, got dinner ready and had time to quilt for an hour before my "company" arrived.
We had the best time. We have so much in common and none of us are ever at a lack of words.
We had a great dinner of tri-tip, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, salad and bread. I made  Dennis's favorite Banana Pudding for dessert. (Which he was to regret the next morning)
Wish I would have taken a picture of the table..darn, we were just having too much fun.  I used some fun tropical plasticware I bought when I spent that day in the Walmart parking lot.

Down (really down)
This morning Mr. SS woke up with...yep...the dreaded stomach flu. Sorry, Barb and Carl. I sure hope you don't get it.  Anyway Mr. SS (So Smart) decided to keep the golfing date he had with a co-worker and...well it wasn't pretty and he has been home in bed since.

This morning I woke up and opened up Notes from the Patch and Suzanne had pictures of some of the booths at Quilt Market. The fabrics right now are the best ever. So many bright colors and cute projects...just makes my head swim and my heart sing. Thanks Suzanne, for  giving me an up Saturday morning.

Down and Up
Didn't get to set up my machine all week to sew.  Got some quiet time to hand quilt though. Tonight after fixing  Mr. SS some Chicken Noodle soup and crackers (yes, he is coming around), I am cutting out some of these for a special order of 18 of them.
Remember I made 15 of these Diaper/Wipey holders for a lady a couple of months ago. Well her daughter lives back east and sent fabric for 18 for her to give as gifts...

Well despite all the Ups and Downs this week, I still have my eyes and heart Up to the Lord who takes care of me through it all.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

You have had some week. Oh that dreaded flu. Knock on wood I didn't catch the stomach one but my poor Mom did. She was down for several days. I had another flu a couple of weeks ago but bounced back in about 3 days.

I hopped over to Strawberry Patches. I wanted to start hyperventilating seeing all that gorgeous fabric. Oh how I would love to be there.

How fun to meet up with fellow bloggers. We will have to get together sometime. I plan on being foot loose and fancy free (retired) next year. I have had some thoughts about planning some sort of get together with some of our fellow bloggers but some things are going to have wait just a bit longer.
xoxo, Sue
P.S. Brooke's top is adorable!!!

Suzanne said...

Well, that was quite a week! Having the flu is never fun but having the flu in a small cottage with just one small bathroom...oye!

Hope you are up to snuff and ready to sew because we found so many adorable new patterns and fabulous fabrics! Let's get together after the shop hop and plan our next projects.

Take care of yourself and Mr SS

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Beverly, yes you had quite a week, but you are a trooper and so glad to have you as a friend, you always lift me up when I am struggling! We had a wonderful time with you and Mr. SS..what a great fella you have there! No we didn't get sick, yet anyway! Not worried about it..and rats, we didn't get any pictures..You can bet I will be back to visit and sew with you, and please come out and see us too! An hour is nothing..I am lucky to have met you, and I still can't remember if I found your blog, or you found mine. I think I found you first, lol..Doesn't matter, just glad we met and are becoming acquainted better.. And yes I saw Suzanne's quilt show pictures..I am drooling, too!

hugs and xo

Linda said...

You had quite a week...and the flu too! Ugh! I am glad you are feeling better and look to more Ups this week!

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

I sure hope you and Mr. SS feel better soon.. I am glad you had plenty of ups too this week.. Thinking of you!