Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Little Break

After a busy week and our visit from that dreaded Flu Bug, Mr. SS and I decided not to go home to Bakersfield for the weekend as we usually do.  We slept in on Sunday and Mr. SS asked if I wanted to take a ride. He drives through downtown Riverside to work everyday and said he had some things to show me.

First he took me here. Even though we passed by several more expensive fancy looking antique stores, he thought I would like this one better. He knows me so well.

It was much larger inside than it looked like from the outside. We spent over an hour walking around. I didn't find  anything I couldn't resist, but really enjoyed looking.

Next he took me to see the Mission Inn. It takes up an entire square block. We couldn't find a parking place, so keep in mind these pictures were taken from our moving car.

We pulled up here next for a late lunch. The Minestrone Soup was the best I've had. It was all brothy and full of cabbage just the way I like it. Mr. SS had Chicken Marsala and the pasta had what they called "Browned Butter" on it. It had the best flavor too. Gonna have to try doing that.

We left the Spaghetti Factory and started home (well, to our home away from home).
He showed me this church.  Universalist Unitarian Church...never heard of that one, but loved the building. Although not Mission style like every thing else we saw in the area.

Even the on and off ramps to the freeways show the Mission influence.

A couple more photos from the car.

Loved the lamposts on this bridge. (These were along the streets everywhere we drove)

Took this one for you Barb.  It was all sectioned off with fences and had "toys" for dogs to run on, under and through. We were going to fast to get other pictures, but it was very impressive. I saw another one of these when I went grocery shopping the next day. I have never seen dog parks anywhere else.

Tuesday, our two weeks stay was up at Rancho Juarupa and we moved to a little town north called Grand Terrace.  It's a small RV Park, but nice, clean and quiet. We will probably stay here for the duration as they won't limit us to a two week stay and because frankly, it's cheaper. No wide open spaces with trees and hills, but...cheaper.

Gotta go. I hear my sewing maching calling my name. I am making some Girlie Girl purses to take into Strawberry Patches when I get home. Haven't made these in a long time, but they go fast.  I'll show you these next time.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Beverly, glad you got to drive around old town Riverside. I would love to go into the Mission Inn sometime! And I saw that dog park when we came to see you! Cool! Sorry you had to leave that neat county park, but I bet where you are now is just fine..I will come back and visit you there..easy for us to get to, also..
We got back from Vegas yesterday and no flu bug struck us, so no worries..we had fun but good to get back to our humble little home. I am guessing there must be some cool antique shops near where you are too, maybe we could do that and lunch one day?!
Hugs and love to you and Mr. SS!

Farmchick said...

Wish I could have gone to the general store with you!

Linda said...

I have never heard of that general store, but I need to are staying right down the hill from where I live if you are in Grand terrace!

Suzanne said...

Mr SS was so sweet to initiate a trip to an antique store! Your photos are good and I especially like the one with the arched sidewalk. Glad you had a fun, relaxing and healthy weekend.

deb said...

I have been to that General Store...and all those places...guess I will have to take my sister!
great pictures!!!

blessedmom's simple home said...

You weren't far from where my older two boys went to college. CBU is close by. My son keeps telling me about a wonderful antiques store down there in Riverside. I wonder if this was the one. I'll have to ask him when he's home this weekend.
Glad you're feeling better :-)

Jane said...

Hi Beverly,
Sorry to hear about the flu bug and glad you're feeling better.
Looks like you and your husband had a wonderful day in Riverside. So much to see!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit.

Carolyn said...

Hi Beverly!!!

It is so good to catch up your blog a little bit!!! I have been away from blogland for quite a few months now....but I think about you! So glad that things are going well ...except for the lousy flu bug!! Glad you are better now!

Sounds like you have an awesome cool that he would invite you to an antique store. Not something I would think most men would want to do!!

Hugs!! Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine