Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Forty Three and Counting

No, sadly, that isn't my age and yesterday wasn't my birthday. It was Mr. SS's and my anniversary.  It seems like yesterday and yet it seems like forever. Does that make sense? 
In the past we have done various things to celebrate, from doing nothing, to a quiet dinner at home. We've gone out to fancy dinners,  to hamburgers and a movie. We've spent many anniversaries in Laughlin NE, celebrating with our good friends Dave and Gail (who were married one week before we were).
As Mr. SS went out the door yesterday, he said, "Well, you can make plans, or we'll decide when I get home."  I think that was a hint that it was my responsibility this year to plan our celebration.

While exploring the area around the park in Riverside where we stayed two weeks ago, I came across a Drive-In Theater.  I know, I am dating myself here, but Drive-In Theaters were a popular date destination when I was a teenager.  I couldn't believe this one was a working theater and not just a place for swap meets. The one we used to take our kids to in Bakersfield turned into a SwapMeet and is now an RV Park.

Memories flooded back when I saw the Drive-In. Mr. SS and I had been dating several weeks when he asked to take me to the local Drive-In Theater. Now, in those days, it wasn't a situation for a first date, but by this time it sounded romantic.  See, in the "olden days", cars were not bucket seats with a console in the middle. Mr. SS's car had a bench seat and I sat next to him. (That was the romantic part)Really, that's what you did then. I know...I'm old.
Well, to make this short, I will just tell you that, that night he told me he loved me for the first time.  It was another 2 years before we were married, but when I saw a real Drive-In, that's what I remembered.

Sooooooo! I have to plan our anniversary date, huh?  It didn't really matter what is playing. We are going to the Drive-In.  Would we go to dinner first? No, no, no! I did what we did when we took our kids to the show.  I made sandwiches, baked cookies and popped corn.  I packed the car, and when Mr. SS came home from work, I asked him to clean up and put on his shorts, (it was 100 degrees here today). Of course, being the longest day of the year, it was awhile before we left, but this was our destination.
I wish we could have gotten here in time to get a better picture, but it was already getting dark. I was barely able to get this blurry picture as we drove in.

This is the back of one of the movie screens.  I got out of the car for this one, so it isn't blurry. Just wonder what the people in the car behind us thought about the crazy lady with her camera.

 We got a good spot and were soon surrounded by cars and trucks, with people and kids setting up lawn chairs and coolers and blankets and pillows
The only thing missing here were the playground toys...
Sometime soon we are bringing some of the grandkids  with us to our home away from home and you can bet we will be taking them to the Drive-In Theater. Maybe the new Cars II will be showing. Wouldn't that be fun.

Mr. SS said that this topped his list of ways to celebrate our anniversary. I told him that I have always been a cheap date.

I just found an historic picture on the Rubidioux Drive-In Website.  It hasn't changed much. Much better than the ones I got.

On a completely different note...I have been having a terrible time with posting, so haven't been able to visit all my favorite blogs much. Usually unless it lists URL as a way to post, I can't  post. It keeps telling me to sign in to blogger. I do that, over and over, but always loose my post.
Also took me all morning to get pictures to show up on my post. Anyone else having this problem and if so, have you figured out how to fix it? Any help will be appreciated.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Barb said...

Oh Beverly, what a fun anniversary date! Your anniversary is shared with my I will not forget it next time! I didn't know there were drive in's still around..we went to the drive in quite often when we were dating in the mid 70's...always fun..we would take our own food too.
Can't wait to see you and Mr. SS tomorrow!

hugs and love,

PS Something wrong with blogger, I can't even sign in with it..I have been using Live Writer for a long time..I can show that to you tomorrow if you like...

Nancy B said...

You really are a Romantic! I remember seeing Bridge on the River Kwai at a drive-in when my hubby and I were dating. Somewhere in L.A. You might try Karen at Sew Many Ways for your blogging problems. I think she had a tutorial on what to do. Hope it helps.

Jane said...

Happy Anniversary! You came up with the best anniversary date ever!!! Sweet and romantic!

Susy said...

You are an inspiration (: congratulations to you and your sweetie. We celebrated our 44th this month. xo

Suzanne said...

I remember where I was 43 years ago! Happy anniversary. You two have had quite a wonderful roller coaster life and you are just two of the sweetest most precious friends. Bill and I are so blessed to have known and loved you for all these years. May you enjoy many, many more happy years together.

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! WOW, that is awesome.. and what a great night too. What an inspiration you are to a lot of us! Thanks for sharing your night with us :)

Linda said...

What a fun date for you and Mr. SS!! Happy Anniversary!! I have been having lots of issues with blogger tool bar won't work! I stay signed off now because I couldn't post comments so I unchecked the stay sign in seems to I just have to sign in everytime...we do what's free, so I can't complain..well...much anyway!

Carolyn said...

Oh dear Beverly, what an awesome anniversary romantic!! And how wonderful to be married for so many years...such a true blessing!! Happy Anniversary!! :)

Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

luvtoquilt said...

I have been a follower of your blog for quite some time, but have never commented. I just had to put in my two cents worth today because I am old also, and have many fond memories of the drive in theaters. Happy anniversary! P.S. Thank you, Linda, for your comment. I've been having trouble, too, and for some reason unchecking the say button works -- who knew?

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Oh Beverly. That was the sweetest way to celebrate your anniversary. I love that Mr. SS thought it was special.

Happy belated Anniversary!!
Hugs, Sue
P.S. Our 22nd anniversary was June 17th.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Happy happy Anniversary! You celebrated in "style"! ♥♥♥