Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This and That Tuesday

Lately, even though, I have some things to blog about, I just can't seem to "get it together". So today I thought I'd just put a few little things out there.
Last week, besides our fun anniversary date, we had  a fun evening with new found friends. Barb and Carl visited us again.
Even though, we have been in and out of this RV Park all spring and we had not ventured up to the pool area. We took advantage of the really nice BBQ area and had a picnic of BBQ Chicken and salads.
 When I found out Barb of Dogmom Diva was coming for a visit, I wanted to make something for her brand new grand baby girl. It is her first, so it had to be special. I had several little pieces left of the vintage linen tablecloth I had used for this dress for my baby Emmy.

So, I was able to make this for baby Gracie.
It's all vintage findings including the crocheted edging, buttons and ribbon. The ribbon was part of a giveaway win from not long ago.

Then over the weekend, while we were back home, I was able to catch up on grandkid stuff.
Kobi at a vollyball game.  She is really a powerful server.

Lexi's swim meet. She is awesome at the breastsroke and won a ribbon this week

I also finished this and took it in to Strawberry Patches on Saturday.
Suzanne at Notes of the Patch did a sew easy tutorial for making these little T-shirt dresses today. Click on her name to see just how easy and to get those cute little shirts, embellishments and fabric.

One more thing...I had really planned to make a beach tote this summer, but never seem to find the time. I was in Rite Aid Saturday buying rafts for the kids for their pool and I found this cute bag for 1/2 price.
Only $5.00 and I just had to take it home. Look at those cute handles and the button. It comes in several colors and is plenty roomy for my beach towel, sunscreen and Kindle.

Well, enough of this and that, I'm off to try a little project I found in the latest Quilts and More Magazine.
Maybe I can "get it together" and post about it before next week, but don't hold your breath.
Just being real, here.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

I am not even sure I have words to describe how much I love your creation for Baby Gracie and how gorgeous it is. That is an instant heirloom!!!

Your week is just about the most perfect week in my eyes. Can't wait to see what you are making from the Quilts and More. That is one of my favorites. I still need to get it though. I think I saw it at Sam's Club.
xoxo, Sue

P.S. I can completely relate to "not quite getting it together." Not sure why that happens.

Linda said...

What a wonderful gift for baby Gracie...that is just so sweet! Let me know when you want to get together when you're down my way...my sister Debbie wants to come too...we can go out to lunch and visit a cute quilt store down in Riverside.

Suzanne said...

Love the vintage bib - much too cute to spit on.

My dear you totally have it together. I don't think I've ever appreciated your sewing skills until I tried to do the tutorial for the tee shirt dress! I think I made it three times before I got close. First time I had the wrong green dot and didn't realize it until after I had it sewn part way. Then I cut the hemming band too wide and had to get more green. Then I put the accent band on in the wrong place and had to get more fabric. . Good thing I own a fabric store huh? And you my dear got it perfect with one take - three small pieces of fabric cut perfectly the first time, with no pattern or model to copy. I bow down to your impeccable skills and thank God you are my willing, sharing friend!!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Beverly,
Happy Anniversary to you two kids and many more!
I love the bib, how precious it is and so thoughtful, your needle work is lovely!
I always enjoy seeing what you have made.You have been a busy girl.
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

Carolyn said...

Hi Beverly,

Well, i just typed a comment and i evidently hit a wrong button bec it disappeared...vanished!!

oh well, i will start again! :)

just love the sweet little bib that you made!! so pretty....and so thoughtful!! :)

i had to chuckle when i read about "trying to get it together"...and "don't hold your breath" ...and "let's be real here"....I have been in the same boat!! :D not just sure when i will have it all "together"...but I am not holding my breath!! :D i have been running on fumes for quite a few months now with my new job and classes that i have come to accept this and just dealing with it! :)

Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

blessedmom's simple home said...

How nice to be able to meet a fellow blogger. I hope to meet you someday :) That little t-shirt dress is adorable. It makes me wish my girls were still small.