Monday, June 13, 2011

Kona Banana Nut Bread

Friday night it was back home from Riverside for the weekend. These greeted me on the counter in our RV cottage. Most mornings, I start my day with yogurt and a banana, but I had forgotton to take these with me last week. They look pretty bad, huh?  But, they are perfect for one of Mr. SS's favorites:
Banana Bread
So, Saturday morning, I decided to bake my Kona Banana Nut Bread .

Mash Bananas ( I use 3 regular or 2 large size)
Chop 1/2 cup nuts (these are walnuts, but pecans are great too)
Mr. SS isn't too fond of nuts, so I chop them really fine.
Cream 1/2 cup butter and 1 cup sugar.
Add 2 eggs ( no grandkids around, so I ran (not a pretty picture) out to the chicken coop and literally stole 2 eggs from a little brown hen.  Beat well
Add mashed banana. (When I say "mashed banana" I always think of a "Wiggles" song.) My grandkids love the "Wiggles" If you don't know them, just ask your kids or grandkids.
To 1 1/4 cup flour, add 3/4tsp. baking soda and 1/2 tsp. salt and add
to mixture. Just mix this until it is incorporated. Don't over beat.
Mix in nuts.
Until my friend Ruth gave me this mini loaf pan, this recipe made one large loaf. I always had trouble getting it done in the center without being too done on the edges.
I now always use this pan. Be sure to spray well with a cooking spray.
I use my large ice cream scoop. One level scoop for each loaf...perfect.
I put them in my mini RV cottage oven and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.
As soon as they come out of the oven, I take 2 of them and a cup of coffee out to the shop for Mr.SS.
Besides  putting some finishing touches on the new cabinets for our little blue trailer, he is getting this table ready for me to paint. It is replacing the bankette (?) that we took out of the trailer. It is a small table we found last year at my friend MariEllen's shop in Long Beach.
I'm painting it white.
The table is so small,  that we have had trouble finding chairs that were small enough to look good with the table and fit in the small space.  Last weekend, I found these at a nearby Thrift Shop. They are vintage folding chairs. They are a heavy metal and very sturdy. I am going to paint them white and make a cute comfy cushion for the seat. A bargain at $15.00.

Back in Riverside this morning and lots of sewing projects. 
So...I'd better get busy. 

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


T's Daily Treasures said...

I make lots of banana muffins around here and much prefer the smaller muffin pans, or the small loan tins like you are using. Easier to gift them that way too. Bananas should never be wasted. They can always be chopped up and frozen for the next banana milkshake the kids want to make. :) I think you mean banquette. Those chairs will be perfect the table and I know they will all look great when you are finished with their makeovers. Best wishes for a great week. Tammy

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Beverly, oh I need to find myself a loaf pan like that, nice for giving away since neither Carl nor I NEED a whole loaf for delicious! If you like cake, I have a wonderful white almond cake recipe I can share, let me know..its so moist with sour cream in it.

Love the table and chairs, I can't wait to see your new space!

You are blessed to have such a wonderful life and family, but I know you know soon

hugs and love

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Beverly,
Yummy! I'm going to try your recipe. I don't like to waste over ripe bananas either. I don't have a mini load pan so I'll have to buy one.
Love your grandson's big boy cowboy shirt. I use to sew my Dad's, my Brother and Gary's western shirts in the 70 and 80. Do you remember embroidering the front and back yoke.
I can't wait to be at home and just sew and do what ever I want..big sigh here...soon I hope.
Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

Hi Beverly,
Thank you for the sweet post! Life has been busy but it is fun. I am so trying your banana bread.. My kids love this stuff. I can't wait to see what you do with this table and chair set, I'm sure it will be beautiful! OK since you are the baseball wife and mom, what is the secret for getting dirt out of white uniforms? My son's is a mess! Any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate!!! Hope you are enjoying your summer! Have a great day, Hugs!!! Mechelle

Patty said...

Oh Beverly, I love banana nut bread so I will definitely be giving your recipe a try soon. I can never use my bananas quickly enough. Where did she find that loaf pan. As my grandson would say....I Neeeeeeeeeeed one! Yucky weather again today. :(