Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wraping Up My Week

Just a few blocks from the RV Park in Grand Terrace, I stumbled across this tiny Quilt store called Bluebird Quilts.  Even though, I try to bring everything I need for my projects, I often find I have forgotton something so, I am glad to find a place to buy supplies. 
Even though this little store is small, it is full of quilting notions, patterns and fabric.
Just inside the door was a row of sale fabric and I found this fabric.
It just says summer to me and I decided I NEEDED it for a summer tablecloth or runner.
But when looking through my most recent issue of one of my favorite magazines,
I saw this and immediately thought of my watermelon fabric.
The little basket  the coasters are in reminded me of
these little treat bags that I made for the grandkids last year.
Sure enough  they were from the same designer:
Monica Solorio-Snow of Happy Zombie.
This is my version of her pattern using my wattermelon fabric and some pieces from my stash. I added the black piping because a watermelon has to have some black and I'll add a black button when I get home.
Here's a closeup of a coaster.
and the finished really neads a button.
It was an easy to follow pattern. I cut them all out one evening and sewed them the next afternoon.
Strip and chain pieced the coasters and they went quickly. I still have plenty of fabric for a tablecloth too.

Recently  I discovered that Monica has a line of cute that I'm going to go to Strawberry Patches and get some on Saturday.
You can see them here.

Mostly, I sewed all week. Finished some machine embroidery on towels for a friend and made some of my Girly Girl purses. Tried to make a zipper rose (haven't mastered that yet).Sewed hair clips on some chiffon flowers for the grands. Worked on two quilts. I'm hand quilting one and machine pieceing one.  I just work on these a little bit each day.

Tomorrow morning, I head back home.  I haven't seen my two oldest grandkids that live in Tehachapi for the longest time.  They have really been on my heart this week, so I'm going to try to see them before we head back to our home away from home on Monday.

Next week, I may get to meet another fellow blogger, so will get to post about that.
In case I don't get back here, everyone have a happy and safe 4th of July.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Barb said...

Hi sweet Beverly, those are stinkin cute! And such talent, they do scream summer!

Have a wonderful weekend, stay cool and hugs and love,

Suzanne said...

If the owner of Bluebird Quilts had you making models for her she'd be ordering another bolt of watermelon fabric, not putting it on sale! Just say'n. = ) You have been a very busy girl. Goodness. Enjoy your family and the holiday. Give sweet Scott a hug for me.

Linda said...

Those coasters came out so cute...the fabric is perfect! I'm looking forward to meeting you in person next week!

Stacey said...

Beverly, you've been busy! Traveling, sewing, meeting up with friends... it all sounds fun! I think barbeque chicken needs to be on my menu. :)