Sunday, September 25, 2011

And....The Winners Are...

 We couldn't have been more proud of Drew who took 2nd place in Showmanship in her age group.
And Lexie who took 3rd place in her age group for Showmanship.
There were well over 25 in each group and this was their first year for showing their chickens.

They were judged on the handling and knowledge of their chicken and poultry in general.
Lexi talking to the judge.
Drew showing the judge her chicken.
Two of thier adoring fans.
They have Guinea(?) hens...thought I better include a picture of them too.

They each had a hen and a rooster in the competition and the chickens did pretty well too.
The day before they were judged and Drew's came in 1st and 2nd and Lexi's were 5th and 8th.

Okay, enough bragging from this proud Mamaw. (for now anyway)

I am excited because my friend who has Aunt Fanny's Emporium in Long Beach will be here any minute.
She will stay for a few days and we have lots of catching up to do, which will include lots of laughing and talking of old and new times. 
I'm off to start dinner.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Farmchick said...

So nice to see these girls showing their chickens...AND showing their knowledge. Wonderful!

Marydon said...

How fun to see the girls in their competitions. Congrats to them both for their ribbons. They are darling.

Have a beautiful week.

deb said...

that is fantastic!!!!!! adorable kids!!!! fun fun fun!!!!

Linda said...

You have the right to be a proud Grandma!! I love hearing about the girls!!Congrats to them both!! Enjoy your time with your friend!!