Monday, September 19, 2011

Sewing Christmas

Once again, I am joining Renee @ Sewn with Grace

I just love her little button. You can click the one on my sidebar or her name above to see what her Sewing Christmas is about.

I made a couple of little zipper bags to put away for Christmas gifts. I love making theses and will fill them with goodies before gifting them.
Back in July I showed you a stack of scraps left from sewing some of my Girlie Girl purses.
I have these left over every time I make them and with a few changes these scraps will be made into zipper bags.
This is the pattern and buttons I used along with the scraps.
Of course I found them at my favorite Strawberry Patches.
This is another little zipper bag I made from scraps. Those are all little 2" or smaller squares pieced together.
This pattern found in a past Quilts and More magazine. As I have told you before, I always find a project in that magazine and look forward to finding a new one on the magazine rack.
This little bag was one of the things I made from the scraps of this skirt I showed you recently that I made for my granddaughter, Kobi for Wrangler Fridays at her school. (Whoa, that was a long sentence)
I bought a total of 2 yds. and had tons of left over fabric.
Also, from those scraps, I made over 30 of these pins and hair clips, which Kobi and her Mom have been selling at her school.
I also made three Girlie Girl Bags and put a pinwheel hair clip on each one.
Now, I'll show you what is left of those scraps
Yep! That's all, folks. Now what could I make from those 10 little pieces. Guess I have to give up on those.

But I have made a commitment to use up some of the fabric I have. It really is a satisfying feeling to use up something you have.
I have to tell you, this will be difficult, because I ususally make a weekly trip to my favorite Strawberry Patches to pick up and take in projects for the store.  There are soooo many beautiful new fabrics practically daily.
So...I may have to fall off my commitment wagon a few times between now and Christmas. If I do, I will be sure and confess here and show you how hard it was to resist. LOL

Now, I'm off to finish a cute curtain I am making for a nursery.
I have to give back the scraps from his project, but will show you the finished curtain soon.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Farmchick said...

Cute, cute stuff! I love your creativity!

Sewn With Grace said...

Oh I just love all your goodies here today. You have been busy! Isn't it nice to get some things done? I hope all is well with you!

Nancy B said...

Oh, how I wish I had your always accomplish so much! Love your little bags.

Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

OMG, I feel like I have been gone forever! You have been sew busy!!! Love the baby blanket, curtains and the purses and zipper bags are adorable!!!! I am going to try that recipe, that looks sooo good.. And your grandkids are adorable. A football player and cheerleader! I love it. Your sewing is top notch! Love it all!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Beverly,
I love the zipper bag you made using left over fabric...Did you use a pattern?. I love the size. I think I should follow your lead and use more of my left over fabric..
I just bought the fabric to make my Dad's quilt for Christmas, its really hard finding a "Manly Quilt" pattern and fabric..but I took a while thou..
I just have to complete the back of the quilt for my Mom's. I ran out of fabric since I had to fussy cut the strips on the side of the quilt in order to get the rose pattern in, so back to the quilt shop I went. I was almost done. I think sometimes its hard to guess on how much to buy. So for now on I am just going to buy more.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

luvtoquilt said...

You are so resourceful! I love making projects out of scraps. It makes all the wonderful fabric so much more affordable when you use every last morsel!

deb said...

what a great way to use up those little bags!!!!!!!!!!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

OMG! The Pinwheel clips are the cutest. I love those. The bags are adorable. I have been sewing away for my shows. I think I will take pictures of my items at my first show which is in a couple of weeks and I will share on a post. I just haven't had a chance to take pictures here at home. I never seem to get around to it when the lighting is at its best. I will have to share my Mom's items too. Her felt items are amazing and so, so cute.

If I went to my neighborhood quilting store on a weekly basis I would be in big trouble. I barely have room for what I have, but I would sure give it a try though. The truth is, there is alway room for another yard or two, or five :)
Hugs, Sue