Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fun

A few weeks ago my friend Ruth and I went on a little shopping trip to a discount fabric store here in Bakersfield, to find the makings for two stockings. She wanted me to make  stockings for her two DIL's who will both be at her house this Christmas.
She still has stockings for her sons, but wanted something a little more girlie for the girls.
Now, believe me when I say...this store is no Strawberry Patches.  But for the types of things we were looking for it was perfect. It's messy and kinda (how do I say this) not clean and I always pray I will get someone that speaks so that I can understand. But let me also say that in this "warehouse" atmosphere, they know where to find what you want.
We were looking for something like brocade, fringe, cording, trims and ribbon.
My granddaughters would say "fancy" stuff.
I put the finishing touches on the two stockings today and will take them to her tomorrow. Hope she likes them.
How sweet that her DIL's will have there very own stockings this year.

What could be more fun than that?  Well taking 3 of my granddaughters to JoAnn's to pick out "fancy" fabrics and a pattern for 6(maybe 7) Christmas dresses.  We had so much fun and came up with these:
A deep royal blue Velvet (not as dark as it appears here), a royal blue Satin and a silvery white sheer with snowflakes embossed on it.
The last few years, I have gotten inspiration from a magazine called Toy Wooden Soldier and this year I wasn't disappointed when the girls liked one that looks exactly like the black and cream one on the right side of this McCall's pattern. Only, we are doing the Velvet bodice with the Satin skirt and the sheer over skirt. There wasn't quite enough fabric for the sheer, so I may do the front open or do a tabbard in the front and back to save on fabric.  The bow will be in back made from the Satin.
I will have a marathon sewing week, starting in the morning, as 5 need to be done by next Sunday to wear to see the Nutcracker.  After all...Clara has a dress made by Mamaw, so...
Anyway, I'm gonna try.

More fun. I got to have three littlest ones up just to visit and play this morning and they stayed for lunch.  Even though I get to babysit them often, "just for fun" was a treat.

Oh boy!! In a little bit we take off for more fun. My grandson's football team is in the playoffs and we will be going to that.  Unfortunately, he sprained his ankle and won't be playing, but we will go to watch our granddaughter cheer and support the team that all our sons played on too. 
This was taken in September (notice people in background in shorts)
I't supposed to be 34 tonight. Brrrr!

Can this grandmother take any more Friday Fun??
Just try me!!
(notice the posting time, because I won't be posting late tonight as usual.)
This grandmother will be falling in bed fully dressed by 10:30 tonight.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Farmchick said...

Love the stocking! Very nice girly touches!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Oh Beverly, you are inspiring me to do some garment construction. I love the dress pattern and the fabrics. These are perfect for the Nutcracker. I cannot wait to see them. The next time I complain about all my projects in front of me I will think about your sewing marathon. I am in awe!
Hugs, Sue

patches said...

It's offical. You are nuts. Six or seven Christmas dresses by when?! We're talk'n satin and velvet here people! Knowing you, you will get them done but I'm betting you'll be asleep by intermission.

Jean said...

Love the stocking. So sweet.

Linda said...

The stocking is so pretty and the fabric for all the dresses is lovely...I can't wait to see them! It looks like you have been keeping very busy! Enjoy the day!!

deb said...

I cannot wait to see those dresses finiahed and I cannot believe you can get them all done in a week, man you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting for pics..............:)