Saturday, May 26, 2012

Honoring a Special Lady

Today we headed up the hill to Tehachapi to a very special luncheon for special lady that is part of our extended family.  This is Evelyn or Gram to everyone who loves her.
It is her 90th birthday.
She is the Grandma of my DIL Stefani, who is my oldest son's wife.
I knew Evelyn long before I knew Stefani was going to become part of our family.
She is a lovely, Godly woman who has become sort of an adopted Mom to me and grandma to my kids and grand kids.
The affair was held at the church which was our church when we lived in Tehachapi.
The food was catered by Evelyn's daughter who owns a catering and baking business.
When we walked into the foyer we were "met" with two beautiful tables full of goodness.
These bird houses are cakes...can you believe that?
Little individual  servings of  so many yummy desserts, complete with tiny spoons.
Cake pops, more of those little desserts and  little heart shaped sugar cookies.
Across on the other side of the foyer was a candy bar.
Every kind of pink candy you can imagine.
There were little drawstring bags to fill with all your favorites.
What a cute way to do favors.
At one end was a tower of mini cupcakes in many flavors.
At this point, I'm thinking (after skipping breakfast to get dressed)
maybe...dessert before lunch wouldn't be a bad idea at all.
But just around the corner was a mile long table full of salads and sandwiches.
Slaw, jello, broccoli, pasta, potato, green, more pasta...yum!
Then there was this tree with a marinated tomato, mozzarella ball and basil leaf on a pick.
I asked and the green  is Kale. It was too pretty to eat, but... I did have a taste or two.
I think they had been marinated in something.
Lots of pretty fruit too.
Center pieces on the tables.
The stage was decorated to look like a garden.
A place for Evelyn and her 4 daughters to sit during the program.
Her daughters honored her with a slide show of her life along with a tearful  narration and some of her favorite hymns.

Here's Gram with her grandaughter and my daughter in law, Stefani.
Oh I forgot to tell you, Stefani did all the decorations. 
It was a fun afternoon. We got to see and visit with friends we hadn't seen in so many years.
The Tehachapi Church of the Nazarene still feels like home after all this time. (We have been gone for seventeen years, but it seems like yesterday.)

Totally on a different subject...which is kinda the way my brain works these days.
I didn't feel I could buy something new to wear, but hearing Payless shoe store was having a sale, I decided a new pair of shoes to spruce up my old outfit was in order.
and spruce it up I did with these and a new silver purse.
A little bling can certainly make a girl feel fashionable.
Oh!  And of course these weren't on sale, but being from Payless, they didn't break the bank.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Susy said...

What a wonderful celebration for Evelyn ~ and she looks fantastic for 90. Love her pink! The food looks marvelous and you took great pictures. How fun for you to get to go back to visit. xo

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That looks like a wonderful celebration. Wow! All the food and those desserts. I love cake pops. And those individual desserts in little glasses are just the perfect size for a taste without overindulging. I haven't checked out Payless in a while. Believe it or not, we do have a couple stores here. :) Hope your weekend is great. Tammy

Nancy B said...

Such a lovely post. The food and desserts looked beautiful. I'm sure yummy, too. 90 years! She looks so young. You have a very talented DIL.
We had a big celebration today, also. May is our big month. My Hubby turns 75 on Tuesday; our youngest daughter had her b-day last week plus graduated from Pepperdine with an MA. Our twin granddaughters turn 16 on the 31st and our oldest grandson graduates BHS on Thursday. His younger brother graduates Jr. High that same day. Whew! We had a grand time all being together. Sorry for the long comment....just wanted to share.


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my gosh.......I can only pray that I look half that good when I'm NINETY! What a beautiful woman.... I'm so glad you had a good time. It still brings back wonderful memories when I visit with someone from our old church too.

Love your new shoesies......adorable! And, they sparkle. Could it get any bettah?