Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Mr. SS's job in La Jolla was finished on Friday, so we packed up the motor home and came home to stay until we are called again for...who knows where.

We left four weeks ago, the day after Easter.  I came home feeling kinda unraveled. Don't know really why.
Maybe because we left the day after Easter and I was already a little behind getting ready for that.

We only had about 48 hrs. notice about the job, so I didn't do the things I usually do when we leave town.

Then two weeks later came home to a crazy, fun weekend with my cousin, her daughter and my BIL here for a visit, three ball games and a birthday party and off again.

After a 6 hour drive, we got home late Friday night, had 3 ballgames on Saturday. I had to visit Strawberry Patches who was in the middle of a 3 day Shop Hop. We went to Tehachapi on Sunday for my oldest grandson's baptism.
Here he is with his Papaw (who is standing on a 5"curb) Don't you dare tell Mr. SS I told you!!
Kyle is taller than his Papaw and Dad.
Where did my first "grandbaby" go?

Sunday afternoon, I just couldn't get enough of my grandkids. Sat in the shade and watched them and just wanted to hold the little ones...good luck with that.
Brooke sat still just long enough for this:

Silly Emmy, riding Belle, laying down. she thinks she is so funny...and she is.
Emmy and Daddy Brandon

Monday, I cleaned the Motor Home and readied it for going back to storage.
Then another ball game.

Tuesday, I made dinner for the family who lives in our "front yard". But I still had that unraveled feeling.

Got up this morning with the same feeling and did something I haven't done since we closed down our business, sold our home and moved into our RV small cottage...I made a list.
I used to live by my lists.

You know what?  It helped. Even though it is a very long list, and I won't get it done today, I feel more together than I have since we got home. On top of the list was to do a blog post (which I haven't wanted to do) and now I believe that has helped to.
I think blogging gets my mind  in an organized state of mind and I feel ready to tackle that list.

About the blogging thing... I am still having trouble with the new format. Right now nothing is lined up. I can only see the top half of the tool bar and where I browse for pictures is all messed up. Anyone else having problems?

While I'm at it...Pinterest is messed up too. Where I scroll for my boards  is not working right.

Well, thanks for "listening" to me try to put my life back in order.  I promise, I will be back to myself in my next post.


luvtoquilt said...

Whew -- I think I need a nap after just reading about your busy life! How do you do it? We're going to stay put for the next few weeks, too. If you're interested in coming to Visalia for lunch and antiquing, let me know!

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

I glad you are safely back home. I get that feeling from time to time and I think making a list helps. At the very least, it gives you direction and a place to start. Hope you are feeling yourself again soon. Patty

Michelle said...

Sounds like you have so much going on! I find making a list helpful too. Too many things floating around in my mind makes me nuts!

Annelies said...

Another thing we have in common....LISTS!!! I have one sitting here staring at me. I have LOTS crossed off ( a productive week), but dusting downstairs made it back on THIS weeks list because I didn't do it last week (G)!!! I miss you and hope your heart feels a bit more peace once you feel back home again. XXX

Susy said...

I work from a list too (everyday!). Sometimes I write a "To Do" list on my iPad at night or early in the morning, and email it to myself. When I get to my desk and open my emails, there it is! I also call home when I'm out and about, and leave myself reminder messages when I think of something I need to do. (:

"a short pencil is better than a long memory"

p.s. Your blogger, pinning issues may be your computer. Try clearing your cache. xo