Friday, July 13, 2012

My Cottage Kitchen

We just got back to Bakersfield and since I couldn't get these to load on the laptop, I wanted to get them up before I head off to bed. I'm doing laundry, so need to be right here anyway.

The Blue and White trailer cottage kitchen remodel. Started 3 yrs ago and finally finished before we left  on July 1st for San Dimas.
It's difficult to get good pictures in a small area, but here goes.
The kitchen just to the left of  the door as you walk in.
There are 4 cabinets where there use to be three.
The shelves where you see the blue pitcher is a little "kitty corner" cabinet that because I haven't decorated it, has become a drop off place for Mr. SS's keys, wallet, cell and other stuff.  He has put that little cabinet in all our remodeled homes as a space filler. They are a fun place to decorate, so I'll be putting something there soon.
If you can see there is a knob over the micro wave and fridge. Those pull doors pull up and I have cookie sheets, muffin tins etc. there. Below the fridge is a large drawer for my tupperware (which I still have from the sixties)Those were just empty spaces be hind a wall. 
In a small trailer cottage, you have to take advantage of every little space.
This one taken from the kitchen table.
The little area to the left of the stove used to be about 4 inches wide. I had Mr. SS put the new sink over to give me room to set things next to the stove. I put dishes to dry here too.
How do you like my little curtain.  There is a close up later.
My new stainless sink replaced a small double one that I couln't even wash a large pan or crockpot in. After having a farmhouse sink with one bowl in my home, this was a good alternate.
Mr. SS widened and lenthened the bar area. I have plenty of room to cook. (Also a good area to put my cutting board for sewing)
We have two barstools for here that haven't been painted yet.
Lots of cupboard space below too.
By widening this area I  have room for a toaster oven and a coffe pot. This is a small one, but I will put my Bunn there eventually.
Mr. SS did the tile work on the backsplash. and after he finished it and the floor, I had a new vision of a diner look.
We kept the original appliances so the black in the tile tied them in to the new look.
On this trip, we have decided we may have to replace the fridge.
A closer look at the area to the left of the stove.
 The countertop is laminate, but it looks just like the granite I had in my home.
I looked a long time to find it.
This bank of drawers used to be just 3, but now is four and a pull out cutting board was
A drawer where there used to be nothing
My new curtain.
These are two Pam Kitty Morning fabrics.
I just barely had enough of the blue with the wreath for this one. I am going into
Strawberry Patches will we are home today to get enough to make some for the rest of the windows in the fron of the trailer  cottage.
The new tile floor. Used to be laminate and carpet, but is now this retro tile with gray grout which really made the design stand out. (Also the gray doesn't show the dirt like white would.0

Because Mr.SS gutted the trailer while I was in KY 3 years ago, I don't have a lot of before pictures.  Couldn't find the ones I had because it was before blogging days.
But this is what the cabinets looked like over the sink before the remodel.
These are over the bed. We haven't done anything to the bathroom or bedroom yet.

We stopped in Tehachapi and picked up our 2 oldest grands to take home for a couple of days.  It will be fun having all 10 grands together this weekend.
More blog material. LOL

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Annelies said...

I am speechless. Before I "knew" you, I remember falling in LOVE with the post you did of your last kitchen. I can only say I am in love all over again. You and your sweet hubs are AMAZING!!!
What a dear space and the "PMK" curtains just make me smile. What a delight to wake up to that kitchen each morning!!!
Enjoy being surrounded by all those that you love this weekend. As always, your post inspires me!!!!

Suzanne said...

It's amazing Beverly! I smiled when I saw Dennis' signature beadboard. = ) You are going to have such fun decorating and enjoying such a light and bright, happy place. I'm excited for you (and just a tiny bit envious). Thanks for sharing!!

luvtoquilt said...

Oh, Beverly, this is beautiful! Now, is this the one that stays home, or is this the one that goes on the road? You guys are so incredibly talented -- love the PKM curtains -- they're perfect. And I still have Tupperware from the sixties, too -- that stuff goes on forever!

Susy said...

Wow. I can so appreciate the work that's gone into this remodel and I'm impressed! You are a space-planner extraordinaire ~ and Mr Sweet does wonderful, detailed work. The Little Blue Cottage is just charming. xo

PamKittyMorning said...

I love it!!! It's so cute!

Patty@ Lemon Lane Studio said...

What a pretty kitchen and I love, love, love the curtains. What a lot of work you two have done. Painting the cabinets white and adding the tile backsplash really brighten the space up. I so wish I had one large sink instead of two small ones. Thanks for the tour. Patty

Nancy B said...

It's everything I imagined it would be! So pretty and CUTE!!
Enjoy your time with the grands.


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Beverly,
I would have never know your kitchen was in a trailer really it looks just like a house kitchen, even better!!! I love your white cabinets and flooring, you even have pretty yellow walls!!!, and Oh my stars your blue curtains are so adorable. You have the perfect Blue and White cottage :)
I love it!
I am going to google Pam Kitty Mornings fabric. I really like it.
Have a sweet day and I'm glad you are home safe and sound.
Sending you big hugs, Elizabeth

Carolyn said...

Hi Beverly!

I haven't visited for quite some time due to life getting in the way but WOW! This little kitchen is AMAZING!! MAKES ME WANT A SWEET LITTLE TINY KITCHEN!! I have been trying 2 catch up reading your posts...and it looks like you have 2 little cottages now with one for the road?? You and your hubby are amazing with a wonderful testimony! You are right...God is good!

XOXO Carolyn @ Cottage Sunshine

Creations By Cindy said...

Beautiful Beverly. The curtains turned out so lovely. Your kitchen is just so inviting. Makes me want to pop on over and sit a spell! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Gail @ Victorian at Heart said...

I know you are right at home in that kitchen. It is bright and cheery. Your transformations are always amazing. You are two talented people that have inspired me for 37 years....I know that because Monica just had her 37th Enjoy your home on wheels.