Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life as a Camper

We moved over the weekend to Prado Regional Park in Chino, Ca. We were here a couple of times last year, but didn't have a view of the lake.  Honestly, I am not getting much sewing done.

 Spending time sitting at the table with my coffee, blogging and pinning until the sun reaches me and I can't see my screen.
Then I move to my camp chair and read.

It finally got too warm and I moved inside.  Since I finally got Mr. SS to install the curtain rods for more curtains, I thought I would show you my sewing area in the front of our trailer small cottage.  As you can signs of any projects here.
I'm also very caught up with the Olympics and  spend the afternoon watching those.
(maybe today I will get a little handwork done.)
The whole front of the cottage is devoted to an area for me to create.
Before the remodel, this held only small cabinets across the top and a shelf under the window. Such a waste of space, so Mr. SS filled it with all the elements of a sewing space (with a corner for electronics which you'll see). 
My serger and machine, with lots of drawer space.
Next to my machine is room for an ironing surface that reverses to a cutting board. More drawers all the way across.
Here you see a space for the laptop and printer. (If we live here full time, there is room under the window for my PC tower. The computer keyboard and screen will make it a little crowded, but I'll manage until we get another laptop.
Of course we have to have a TV and open shelves behind for a DVD and CD/ Stereo system, DVR and storage for CDs and DVDs.
Lots of larger cabinets with shelves for all my sewing supplies.
Just for fun, thought I'd show you under the  desk where I put everything when we are on the move. Also a plastic runner so I can sllllliiide from one end to the other on my chair on wheels.
(Still need to work on all the cord issues, but one thing at a time. I got curtain rods up this week.)lol can see...with  such an organized place to create and sew...I'm getting ready to go outside to sit and read while waiting for my friend MariEllen, (whom you met last year when we were in Long Beach, Ca. ). She is coming for some much needed girl talk and dinner.

I just remembered...I wanted to answer a question my friend Suzanne had about our moving around for jobs. 

When we were contractors we did jobs for this same company with our own crew (our three sons)  When we decided to close our business in 2009, Mr. SS let the owner of the company (who is an old HS friend) know that he was available to work where ever they needed him as an employee. Explaining we are mobile and can go any where.
They have a regular crew, but sometimes need extra help to finish up a job.
He's often left alone to finish (kinda like a "Closer" huh?)
The crew down here comes from all over and travel up to an hour and half to get to work (people in this area do that) Since we are mobile, we can get closer to each job.
We  really enjoy the travel and seeing different areas...most of the time.
Seems like there is always more work in the Spring and Summer, so we have been home most Fall and Winters.

Mr. SS gets off at 2:00 so we often joke we are retired when he gets home and just enjoy the camping life.
I'm hoping to convince him to give up his camp chair for a theater chair tonight.
I want to go see "Spring Hopes"  My chances aren't very good...but worth a try.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


PamKittyMorning said...

I love how nice and clean and organized it looks. I'm more than just a touch jealous. You've made good use of a small space in a really CUTE way! Love you PKM curtains. I love you love the fabric! xo

Susy said...

I've been showing my hubby the pictures of your "cottage". We have one sitting in my son's backyard that needs to either be refurbished or hauled away. Hoping he get's inspired. Glad you're getting some down-time in. And say hello to Ms. Ellen for me (: xo

Annelies said...

Adorable...but I come to believe ALL things about you are adorable!!!!

Let me know how the movie is. Sounds like a FUN ONE!!! XXX

Creations By Cindy said...

I love your cottage. got yourself a sewing machine and serger don't ya? NICE!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

http:/ said...

That's the thing about Mr SS. If you can dream it, he can build it. Good job both of you! Your PKM curtains are so cheery. Thanks for the explaination on your travels with his company. You're right about travel down there. I had forgotten. Our sewing machine tech lives in Corona and travels to Bakersfild, Santa Barbara, Long Beach, Palm Springs and San Diego every week without batting an eye. I'd hate that life but you do what you have to do. You two are lucky to be moble.

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

How perfect! This is my first visit and I am in love with your "cottage". Can't wait to read more! Oh, and I the PKM curtains are over the top adorable!!

Nancy B said...

The views of your little blue/white cottage just get cuter and cuter. What a great sewing area.

Happy Sewing!

cindy said...

I love your sewing setup! Awesome!