Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sewing Along the Way

Has it only been a month? Yep, we left home a month ago for a job near San Dimas California. Usually we stay in one place a little longer, but we go where we are sent.
Ten days in San Dimas (beautiful Puddingstone Lake),  two weeks in Adelanto, back to San Dimas for two days, off to Oxnard for a week and after wearing out our welcome LOL, (previous reservations) forced us to find another home, so we moved to another RV Park a couple miles closer to Mr. SS's job. Sunday we will head off to parts unknown at this time.

Changing homes so often didn't keep me from my favorite pastime.  As soon as we set up at a new park, my machine comes out from under my desk and I just continue where I left off.
Made this for Drew.  I have had the fabric for sometime. It's from a line Suzanne at Strawberry Patches showcased on her blog some time ago and I just had to have some. Might have had something to do with it being blue and red...maybe.
Anyway, Drew liked it. Since I made it, she has found out she can't wear sleeveless to school, so I may make her something else after I finish a couple more dresses for her sisters.

The pattern is from Serendipity Studios and also comes from Strawberry Patches. I have used this line of patterns several times now and find them great for the pre-teen and teenagers in my family.
I am so glad my girls still like to wear dresses, but made this tunic length because Drew starts Jr. Hi. in the fall and they can't wear dresses to school.  They have gym and don't wear gym clothes, so dresses are out...go figure.

Next s a pattern I have had for a very long time. I originally bought it to make pillowcase dresses out of vintage pillowcases. Never got around to that, but thought it would work great with some cute fabric I got when visiting The Coop in Temecula, Ca. while we were in the San Diego area earlier last spring.

It is a really simple pattern and goes together quickly. I got both dresses out of a yd. of the pink and a quarter yd. of each of the others.  It's cute without it, but I liked adding the red ruffle.

It is just the cutest little print for my two cutest little ones.

I added the red band to the red and white pocket,

and used the red and white for the drawstring tie.
Anytime I can use 3 fabrics instead of one, I'm doing it.
This little Hawaiian print top is for my Kobi. It has a shorter curved front which I really liked.  I found the fabric at a cute little quilt shop in San Dimas. Mr. SS went in with me (which normally, I discourage).  But he spotted this fabric and thought it would be cute on our  Hawaiian girl.  Good eye, Papaw.
How do you like my choice of background? Its my floor and when I looked at this picture, I thought it looks like a quilt. Love the hexies, but wouldn't want to attempt all those inside corners.

It has really easy tucks down the front and I used stacked buttons.

The back used a technique for shirring that I had not tried before...really easy too.

Since I have nothing else to do, but sew, I used up all (and I do mean, all) the scraps left from the tote bag I made my cousin. You can see it here.
I had enough for one Girlie Girl Bag, One of my patchwork wristlets and an eyeglasses case.

The pieced and quilted eye glasses case is from a pattern, my friend Diane sent me. She had made it and used a ruffle instead of ric-rac. I liked hers so much, I did the ruffle too. I am sending this to my cousin to match her tote.

I made a potholder to match my trailer towel.

This is the other side. I think it is almost cuter on this side. It is a pinch style.  The pattern is a free download from Pam Kitty Morning's blog.  It's on her side bar.
I'm thinking about adding a Velcro hanger so I can put it next to the towel on my oven door. soon as I hit post, I am off  to make dresses for Camy and Lexi.  We managed a quick trip to Strawberry Patches while we were home last weekend.
They picked the fabric. Good job girls.  I am using the dress from the pattern I made Kobi's top from. It went together so fast, I think I can get these done almost as quickly.

Sewing Along!!

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


luvtoquilt said...

Whew -- I'm worn out just reading about all the sewing you've done. As always, everything is adorable -- especially the eyeglass case! It turned out so cute. I've made several now for gifts -- it's a fun project.

Michelle said...

My daughter can't wear sleeveless either, so we use cute, short-sleeved, cropped cardigan sweaters to solve that problem. She HAS to wear that!

Nancy B said...

Wow! You have been busy. I'm with Michelle. The blue dress is too cute not to wear it to school. Drew could also wear little tees in various colors and it would look like a jumper/tunic to wear with leggings. Just a thought. Love all your finished projects.

Happy Sewing

PamKittyMorning said...

My daughter has been out of school since 2005, so there have been some changes! No sleevless? Interesting. But the tunic is darling, I'm tempted to make one for my daughter, she'd like it. Super cute. Love love the trailer towel and the potholder, you cuted it up so nicely!

Suzanne said...

I have a question unrelated to all of the adorable sewing projects (we'll get to those in a minute). Does everyone who works for Mr SS's company travel like you do or does the company normally just tap into the available work force that is in the area where the work is? How many men travel like Mr SS does? I just find this interesting.

Now to your unbelievable selection of finished projects:
My stars girl, you get so much done! Your "three fabric" outfits are all adorable! Love Drews tunic and the way you combined all the fabrics. That collection is called England Swings and it's so perfect, with it's colors for the summer of the 2012 Olympics. The little girls sun dresses are precious but my favorites are your towel and potholder. Just beyond cute! Sometime when you're near a big mall go into an Anthropology (better yet visit them online) and look at their cute tea towels. Yours reminds me of theirs. Also the striped red and white towels look familiar. Is that made from the toweling we used to sell in 1985? ha

Great job. God knew what he was doing when he gave you all those precious little grand daughters to sew for!

Creations By Cindy said...

Beverly, You are simply amazing! Love, love, love it all! What beautiful dresses! That one with the pocket is the cutest thing ever. And shirring....Oh I wish I knew how to do this! I can do your basic sewing but that is about it. I know you enjoy sewing for the grand girls! I made some little play skirts last week for my grands to play in at my house out of some old scrap would have thought the little skirts was a million dollars at the looks on their face. Love seeing your sweet stuff Beverly. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

My goodness Beverly! You have been sewing up a storm. So wonderful that you are able to sew wherever you go in your home on wheels! Have a great weekend. Tammy

Susy said...

I'm exhausted just reading about all you've done (: You're a factory of one! All the love you've sewn into their clothes B will stay with them the rest of their lives.

Can't wear dresses to school?! My, how times have changed. (:

Have a blessed week. xo

Gail @ Victorian at Heart said...

I can tell you are in sewing heaven right there in your cute trailer. I know your granddaughters will love what you made. I was just looking at pictures of Monica for her 37th birthday and saw the cute red and white jumpsuit you made for her then. You still amaze me with your talents. Thanks for your friendship and the inspiration "through the years" (that sounds like a