Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Long Overdue Visit and Old Sac

A couple of weeks ago, my sweet Sacramento cousin, Judy asked if she could "commission" me to make a fall purse for her (I made her the yellow and blue one in June) She wanted black and red.
Well, I had the perfect fabric already to make her a bag. When I finished it, I showed it to Mr. SS and commented I would have to find a way to send it to her as her birthday was coming up.  (I'll post pictures of it next week)
Being my Mr. SS, he said, "Let's take it to her"
So yesterday was her birthday and we drove to Sacramento, Ca. for the weekend.
We wanted to take her to dinner and ended up going to Joe's Crab Shack in Old Town Sacramento.
We sat at a wonderful window seat and just as the sun was going down got a picture of the Sacramento River.

Something you need to know about me...I grew up allergic to all fish and discovered about age 18 that I had outgrown it.
Usually the smell of fish makes me want to run for cover, but I knew Mr. SS would love it and so I decided I would tough it out
In a hole in the center of the table was a bucket with a roll of paper towels
and a bucket of forks.
The waiter explained the bucket was for discarded shells.
Looks like fun already!!
We ordered an appetizer of Crab Nachos.
At first I tried to pull a few chips out without the "dreaded" crab , but after getting a little taste of the concoction...yummmm. I loved it. I dug in for more of the good stuff.
Mr. SS ordered  " The Great Hook-up"
Coconut Shrimp
Shrimp stuffed with Crab
Fish and Chips
Hush Puppies
And even after sharing nachos with us, he ate "the whole thing"
Any wonder that he has a tummy ache this morning?
Judy and I ordered the Aruba Salad which included Coconut Shrimp.
You could order it with chicken, but hey, I'm in a "Crab Shack" for heavens sake...soooo
I went out of my comfort zone and ordered it as is.
It was delicious.
I enjoyed every bite of those little toasted coconut shrimp.
Of course it helped that I dipped them in a sweet pineapple something that was just as yummy and combined with the salad covered in blue cheese, bacon, candied pecans, and a strawberry vinegarette dressing ,it is a wonder I don't have a tummy ache this morning.
After dinner we drove though Old Sac with it's cobbled stone streets and cute shops
Only the places to eat were open, so we didn't get out and it was too dark for my little
point and shoot camera.
We drove by the capital building not far away and it was so lit up I tried a picture.
Dark, but you get the idea.
Today, Judy and I are off to Home Goods and Hobby Lobby.
Guess I am being rewarded for
being so brave and eating fish last night.
(As if the meal it's self wasn't reward enough.)
God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Suzanne said...

What fun! It's fun to try new foods on vacation. I can't wait to see Judy's hand bag.

I'm working on my Try Pinterest post today. Hope everyone else is too! = )

Susy said...

How fun! You ARE a brave girl, a good wife and a sweet cousin. No pictures of the purse?

We went on vacation and I took hundreds of pics, only to get home and find I can't upload them from the new memory card I bought just before we left. I must have gotten the wrong kind. Sheesh.

Hope your Fall weather is cooling down. xo

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Beverly,
On your way home from Sac, you should have stopped my Modesto and visited me... (One day we really need to visit and shop the fabric store) Sac is always a fun place to visit. We have been to Joe's Crab Shack many times there is also one in SF. I love Home Goods and Hobby Lobby is always a great place to shop. I hope you brought your coupons, I always print two of them and if I don't use one I give it to the person behind me line. I can't wait to see the red and black fall purse you made for your cousin Judy. Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Stacey said...

That food looks yummy. I'm not a fish eater either but have had crab cakes that were pretty good.