Monday, October 1, 2012

Pinterest Try Tuesday # 3

I have a couple of Pinterest tries to show you this week. One of them I had a very willing helper for.  Well, I had a helper for both of them.
Lexi has been cultivating a little area in front of our RV small cottage. She has raked, watered and added some garden soil. It is a really sandy area, so we weren't really sure we could get something to grow.

When I found this on Pinterest, weeks ago, I pinned it, not really knowing I would follow through and try it.

But my sweet granddaughter Lexi really got excited about helping me try this.
So, she dug
and dug
and dug some more

I had cut the root end from the celery the night before and let it set in a bowl of water like the website instructed.

Lexi finally got the hole deep enough to place the celery root in and she covered it with an inch of soil  also as the website said.

That was last Friday. She told me it broke through the ground on Saturday and  this morning we went out there and this is what we saw.

Yah!! It worked.

Okay, I have one more try. Last week Mr. SS and I were sitting outside having our morning coffee. The flies were especially bad.  I happened to remember something I had pinned  early on in my pinning mania
career.  So I enlisted a helper again...Mr. SS helped me hang these:

He also hung one in each of the horses stalls.  They are zip lock bags of water with a penny in the bottom.
The source on Pinterest for this try is:

My son reported that flies were worse than ever in the horse stalls, but Mr. SS and I both thought maybe there weren't as many bothering us at our outdoor table.

So one Pinterest try was a success and the other is still a wait and see.

I am really enjoying trying things I have pinned.
Hope you will try something you have pinned, post about it and let me know so I can link to your blog.

I think it makes me feel a little less guilty about the time I spend pinning.

Next week, I hope to have something I have pinned that has to do with Fall. Regardless of the 100 plus temps around here, I am still willing fall to get here.

OMG!! You have got to go check out this Pinterest Try.  It is so funny and cute I am still chuckling over it. My friend Suzanne played again with me today on Pinterest Try Tuesday.
Go here to see what's been going on around her house.
She also shared another great idea from Pinterest in her comment here.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Suzanne said...

I can't beleive the celery sprouted! COOL! You'll have to harvest it and let us know how it was. I wonder if you can reuse the same roots?

One of the most practical ideas I got from Pinterest is to use hair conditioner as shaving cream. The pinner said that we always have conditioner in the shower and it works great as a substitute for shaving cream when shaving your legs. Now I always use it and it works great - better than shaving cream!

I did a try over on my blog if you want to pop over there and take a look. Warning - it's a little gory.


Michelle said...

I didn't know celery would sprout like that! Cool!

Creations By Cindy said...

WOW~ Did not know you could do that with Celery! I am really WOWED! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Stacey said...

Hey, I'm proud that you tried something you Pinned. I have pinned hundreds now and haven't done any of them....I sure enjoy it though. The celery is so fun. :) We've tried the water filled bags too and it didn't work. Cracks me up because my MIL has tried every trick she's ever read for flies and I don't think any of them have worked.