Saturday, September 1, 2012

Guess Where I Am

Yes I am!!
Yesterday we took off from our "hot" RV cottage in Bakersfield for a visit with our dear friends who have a home in Grover Beach. Before we even went to their house, I asked Mr. SS to drive down to the beach (just a few blocks from their house) so I could wiggle my toes in the sand.  Being the ever Mr. SS, he did just that.  Have I told you that he doesn't like the sand or salt water at all, but he sure knows this girl does.
This morning, my friend Carol and I drove just a couple miles down the road to Arroyo Grande to visit the Antique shops and go to the Farmers Market. I have given you an extensive tour of the market before, but wanted to show you this sweet girl and her cookies.  Now this is my kind of booth. Of course the cookies looked delicious, but I looove all that glass and the cute display. Look at the fresh flowers and isn't she just the cutest thing. She was so flattered that I would want her picture. She said her boyfriend doesn't think she is photogenic...I'd like to talk to that boy!!
Anyway...loved all her containers and wow look at those gigantic cookies.
She had scones under cake domes  too.
The rest of the market was the typical.  We bought mostly things for dinner tonight.
White peaches, corn on the cob, a variety of lettuces, tomatoes and salad fixins. The usual red, yellow and orange bell peppers and a first for me a purple one.
Then of course the last stop was the kettle corn booth...can't resist me some kettle take home to Mr. SS, of course.
On our way out of town, we crossed this green bridge, which I have crossed many times in the past, but this time is was decorated with pretty baskets of flowers. It made me want to go home and plant some fall color. Well not until we enjoy a couple more cool beach days here.
A little closer, so you can see the hanging baskets better.
We will be here until Monday afternoon. Tommorow afternoon, we are going to a concert in the park nearby and then before we come home on Monday will visit the Avila Barn where they grow lots of fresh fruits and veggies and I'm hoping to find  some pumpkins to take home.
I'm in the mood for FALL!!
Hope you are enjoying a lazy fun Labor Day weekend.
God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Susy said...

Good Morning. What a great little treat; cool weather and good friends. Loved the cookie display ~ yum. AF had their Fall open house yesterday and I bought some artificial bittersweet and a cinnamon scented candle to add that to the mantle ~ it will feel and smell fall-ish. Our friend looked darling in her skinny little outfit (: Have a great weekend!

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad you got out of the heat for a few days and got to wiggle your toes in the sand. I know how much you love that.

Seeing those jars of cookies reminds me of the craft fair we did and as an afterthought brought cookies to sell. Little did we know that those cookies would be our hottest seller. Doesn't say much about our sewing does it?

Safe travels.

Linda said...

What fun! I would love a day at the beach right now! I love going to farmer's market and the sweet display was wonderful... who wouldn't want to buy something displayed like that! Enjoy your weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hoping that Avila Barn has those pumpkins ready for your arrival...I love to go there in the fall. We were just in Pismo Beach for 8 days in our trailer that we store there and of course went to the Barn....but no pumpkins two weeks ago:(.
Enjoy reading your blog very much.
Here in Brentwood (Northern CA) its very much still hot summer weather....but can feel the difference in the early morning and again late excited for fall weather and decorations! P.S. we enjoy browsing in Ron's and the Green Bargain Store in Grover Beach, and Nan's Used Books as well....oh...and out to the end of the pier in Avila Beach for steamed clams at Pete's outdoor restaurant and amazing close-up action with the many sea lions there and hundreds of pelicans! Helen

Annelies said...

Woo Hoo Sweet Girl....

If it can't be ME ( always about ME) at the Central Coast, I am sure happy as can be it is YOU!!! Have lots of fun, and treat yourself to some yummy ice cream at the Barn. I can't wait to see more of your CC posts!!! XXX

Michelle said...

That cookie display is just perfection!!! I love the cake stands.

Nancy B said...

I'm jealous. Haven't made it to the beach all summer, but I'm happy for you. August just about did me in. So HOT!!

Happy Sewing!


Gail @ Victorian at Heart said...

I know you are having fun and staying cool so enjoy the beachy weather. I'm in the mood for Fall Season too.