Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pillow Talk

My granddaughter Kobi got to choose a new look for her room this summer. She sold her Barbi dolls in a garage sale to help pay for the bedding. After all she is ten now and still had the room we did for her when she was two, so she chose zebra and hot pink.  While she was away at camp her Mom painted and fixed up everything to surprise her. She bought fabric and those cute buttons you see on the pillow.
So I got the pillow made just in time for the surprise when she came home.

I loved the buttons so much and decided to use them in her name. I hand embroidered around the one I used for the O because it wasn't quite big enough. I know the I  isn't  lower case, but wanted to use the other button to dot it...creative license, you know.  Remember you can click the photo to enlarge if you want.

Not a pillow, but I made a valance too. Still have another pillow to make, but didn't get  it done yet

Then my friend asked me to make pillows for her fifth wheel. She always just gives me the fabric and lets me do what I want. It's fun to do them all a little different.

This one is a rectangle. The rest are squares. I used the center of the flowers to cover the buttons and used a binding around the edge.  The other three have different covered cording.

I added a black frame around the floral and then a border of the stripe on the bias.

A pretty glass bead fringe to dress this one up.

Triangles with a big black button to finish it off.

This one I just made for fun. Last spring I found this embroidery pattern somewhere. I can't seem to find where I found it, but probably on Pinterest. I would give someone credit if I could, so if anyone wants to claim it or knows where it came from let me know and I will link to it.
I love to embroider and did most of this sitting in the shade in a campground this summer.
I especially love redwork and I found the tiniest red buttons in my button box that just fit.
You know by now how I love buttons.

Anyway...I had just started the embroidery when this line of fabric(A Walk in the Woods, by Aneela Hoey for Moda) was featured at a Bernina Club I attended at Strawberry Patches.  When Annette showed it to the group, she said most of it had sold but if anyone wanted the sample six 1/2 yd. cuts, they could buy them. I quickly grabbed them after the meeting for my embroidery. Of course I have tons left, so maybe some of my Girlie Girl purses will get made.
I strip pieced the borders and  used the red to frame the embroidery. Then I fussy cut a :Little Red Riding Hood for each corner.

I had fun with the back and used a stripped piece I had left over from the front.
I used a binding for the edge again, like a quilt binding.
A close up of the buttons shows that I need to move the buttons over so the strip meets the stitching.
Funny what you see in a close-up picture. Uh-Oh

I know I have shown you this pillow before, but found this picture in my files of it on my bed in the blue and white trailer. Someday, my Dresden Plate quilt will join it.
This was just before we left this summer and I was getting the trailer ready to go. I even ironed my pillow cases and the top sheet where it turns back. 
I used Mary Ellen's Best Press. If you have never used it for pressing...gotta try it. It smells so fresh and takes out the wrinkles without making it stiff.
(Did this because of you, Suzanne.)

Okay, I didn't make this one, but I want to. Since I just came home from the beach, I couldn't resist adding this to my Pillow Talk.

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God is Good!!
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Creations By Cindy said...

The pillows are adorable! I really love the hot pink and black! Be sure to pop over today for Friday a surprise on there for you! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Suzanne said...

Kobi's pillow is the cutest. I love personalized projects because they are things that can't easily be bought - where would you find a hot pink and zebra stripe pillow with "KOBi" on it (with cute buttons?

You are the pillow queen with all those for Gail's (?) trailer and the Little Red Riding Hood one is rediculious! Just the perfect fabric to frame your beautiful handwork.

Now tell me you didn;t feel loved when you slipped under that ironed sheet? (Even though you had to iron it yourself). There is just nothing better than clean, freshly ironed sheets and you have found my secret - top sheet only and pillowcases. Welcome to my club! = )

Nancy B said...

Oh, I love all those pillows!! As I've said before, you are a special grandma. Kobi's room is adorable. Was she excited to see it when she came home? Love your Red Riding Hood and your use of Aneela's fabric. So cute! Can't wait to see your Dresden quilt on that bed.

Happy Sewing!


PamKittyMorning said...

Love all those fun things, Kobi's room is so cute, just like she is. Nothing like decorating for a special girl. Of course LOVE the pkm basket pillow. SEW CUTE. Just like you!

Honey at 2805 said...

Thank you for sharing your creative project at Potpourri Friday!

luvtoquilt said...

All your creations look so professional! I think Kobi has inherited her grandmother's flair for design -- she is beautiful. I love the feel of ironed pillowcases and top sheets -- it is SO worth the extra few minutes involved.

Judy Clark said...

Your pillows are really pretty. I do pillows also, so I know how much work goes into them. Good job!!


Sherry said...

Such cute pillows! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!