Monday, October 8, 2012

Pinterest Try Tuesday #4

It's # 4 already. I really didn't know if I would keep this up, but I am really enjoying the challenge.
This week I'm showing you two new "tries" for things I have pinned on Pinterest.
Both are easy and quick, but fun for Fall eating and decorating.

I pinned these knowing I had to try them. First of all, I love the way acorns fit into fall decorating and now they are good to eat too.

Three ingredients. How simple is that?
After melting 1/2 the chocolate chips in the microwave and taking the foil off the Kisses, I set up my
assembly line. Dip a kiss in the chocolate, stick on a cooke, dip a chocolate chip into the chocolate and stick to the top of the cookie. 
That's it.
I placed them on foil and put in the fridge so the chocolate would stick.
I learned one little trick I will share.
Don't use too much chocolate to glue the cookie to the Kiss. It tends to want to slide off when you lay it down. After about a dozen or so, I quickly learned this was one time more chocolate isn't better.
One half hour later, I had all of these.
After being in the fridge for about another 1/2 hr., I put some in my little leaf bowl.
I found this bowl at Home Goods when I was in  Sacramento, not really knowing what I would use it for.
Then I put some in one of my favorite candy jars.
I filled a plate full and sprinkled M&M's and Candy Corn all around.
These I took up to the house in our front yard. I placed them on the island as Mom Olivia was out picking up the kids from school
She said when they came in she went off to the bathroom when they got home and when she came out the plate was almost empty.
She managed to save 3 for Lexi who was at Volleyball practice.
 Then I took a handful out to Mr. SS who was working in the shop (for his afternoon snack)

So, I guess this was a good pin and I will be making more to take to Cade and Kobi tomorrow.
Then I will make some and take to Kyle and Madi on Friday.
Good treat for all ages and cute for my fall displays too.

Another Pin and I cannot find what board I put it under, but it is so easy and I had everything I needed.
A few dry beans, split peas and popcorn in a mason jar (the one I pinned was a large mason)
This is a pint, but I didn't have enough beans and popcorn for a large one.
 I added a battery votive and Voila....

You got a little sneak peak at a couple of vignettes I have been working on for fall.
I don't have much room for display, but I took advantage of every bit of space I had
I saved one tub (out of 10) of my favorite fall decorations when we moved from our house to our 
RV small cottage. Last year I couldn't find it, but a couple of weeks ago I got out in our storeroom, moved some things around and yea!! I found it.
So next I will show you how I have done my fall nesting.
Also have a table runner I literally whipped up in two nights.

Now, some of you post some Pinterest tries, come tell me about them so I can link to yours.
It's fun, rewarding and hey it might inspire someone  else to try something new.
That's where so many of those pins originate...someone trying something new.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Debby said...

What a cute idea! I will have to make some of the cookies for our Grands

Suzanne said...

Those are adorable but obviously not too cute to eat.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY much older friend of mine. I hope you have a happy day.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from "anonymous". Love you and miss you so much Aunt Beverly. P.S. Grandma has secret plans to fly you and Dennis out sometime after June 2013, so pencil us in somewhere.

Creations By Cindy said...

You go girl! I want to try the acorn cookies too! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Lady Jane said...

Love those acorn cookies. Perfect for fall. A will try the mason jar also that is neat. LJ