Thursday, October 4, 2012

Purses, Other projects, and a Cool Kid

I couldn't post pictures of this purse last week because it was a birthday present of my cousin Judy. She reads my blog and I didn't want to spoil the surprise. Since Mr. SS and I took it to her last weekend, I can show you now. I bought these fabrics a year ago and made myself a purse. Before I used it, I ended up donating it to my friend Gail for a church auction.
When Judy asked for black and red, I knew I was going to try to make it out of the fabrics I had left. I always buy a little more than I need for a project and somehow it worked.
Judy was a school secretary for years and has held several school related office positions until she retired last year, so this just seemed to fit. I love the typewriter keys.
I was even able to cover a button with a "J" key for the closure.
Luckily I had bought a whole panel of these coordinating labels, and had plenty for the lining..

She loves it, and has called to see if I can make 2 more for a lady she knows.
Not sure I can find the fabric. I got mine at Strawberry Patches, but it is all gone now.
Guess I will have to do a search.

Last spring, I found a denim dress at Goodwill and knew I wanted to make a purse.
I finally got it taken apart (good "TV" work.)
and put together in the form of this.
Outside pockets on both sides. This side is the front placket of the dress with original buttons and buttonholes.
The button closure is off the collar,
The handles are made from the double folded hem. I added fleece for stabilizer.

The other outside pocket has a smaller pocket from the front of the dress.
All the red stitching is original to the dress.
I added a stripped fabric for the cording and the red polka dot for trim and lining.

I used more denim from the dress for the inside pockets.
This one is for me, but I have exactly enough denim left from the dress to make another one.

This darling skirt is a project for Strawberry Patches.
It is made from my favorite Pam Kitty Morning fabric and I love it. I just feel happy when I am sewing with that fabric. It's my "happy" fabric.

My littlest grand saw it and said, "Is that for me?" 
Of course she wants one, along with bigger sister, Brooke who caught me taking photos and
wanted to know if it was for her. It really is the cutest thing.

Remember when I made these for my Blue and White trailer? Remember that my friend Anneliese sent me the trailer towel pattern.
Well I love the design so much. Something about the simplicity of it and that I live and sew in a trailer, made me think it might be a good logo for me. Maybe even designed into a header for my blog, or for business cards etc.

Since this is at the bottom of the pattern, I decided to visit the shop in Pismo Beach. It isn't too far from where we stayed with our friends a few weeks ago at the coast.

I went in and introduced my self and showed her a picture of my towel and potholder on my camera.
I asked if I could have her permission to use it and told her what I had been thinking. I also showed her pictures of my blue and white trailer.
I also told her I would give her credit for it anytime I used it and she agreed.
She took me back to see some of the things people had sent her that they had made using the design.
She didn't have a potholder, so I told her I would like to make her one and send it to her.
She had some of the fabrics like those in the picture, so I made this one to send her.

It has the strawberry fabric on the back side.
The potholder is made from a pattern you can find on the Pam Kitty Morning blog. Just go here and you will find it on her sidebar.

Somehow, between two out of town trips, football, volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics and fall baseball, I have managed to get some sewing in.

Just had to throw this in.  If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will.
Emmy being cool.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Debby said...

Thanks for getting my day started with such CUTE eye candy!!!! I love each and everything, that little gal is tops!! Ha

Suzanne said...

Lots of wonderful projects this morning. Love Judy's purse and I wanted you to know that we still have about a yard of the label fabric if you need more. Emmie is such a character!

Nancy B said...

Hi, Beverly. Love your purses. Did I ever tell you I made a pillow out of the typewriter keys? Trimmed it with red rick rack and the black and white dots. I have an old, old Underwood typewriter with keys like that and the fabric just called my name when I saw it! Of course your little grands would want that cute skirt!! You are so sweet to make that potholder for the shop owner. No Bernina Club in November...wah! And I won't be here for October, but I'll be having fun anyway.

Happy Sewing!

Michelle said...

I adore that first bag. SO cute! And Miss Emmy! What a fabulous kid!

Stacey said...

Beverly, you are so talented. I just love the bag you made for your cousin. You included so many neat details!