Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Rainbow's End to a Perfect Day

With a warning of rain on Easter Sunday, I was a little worried that our traditional outdoor meal and Easter egg hunt might not go as planned.
But I didn't need to worry because as always God was in control

The day started with church with my cousin from Sacramento and her daughter Amber.

After our traditional ham dinner with all the trimmings, there was the Easter egg hunt.  3 of the "big kids" hide eggs now, so we had 11 hunting. There are dozens and dozens of decorated and filled eggs.
Emmy found a plastic one with nothing in it...really... can you tell??
Cousins found the
Golden Egg together and shared their treasure.
(What happened to the day when the the Golden Egg had a dollar in it?)
There was lots of picture taking.
And pretty Easter dresses. (Which Mamaw did not make this year)
There was lots of teasing. Poor Madi. Her Papaw and 3 uncles just would not stop teasing her.
There was a tired little girl at the end of the day.
As soon as the egg hunt was over, it started pouring rain.
The kids loved it and continued on with the fun of the day.
In the rain, there were volleyball games, egg tosses, baseball,
and races to the corral fence and back.
I took this picture, but the one at the top of the post, my DIL, Lialani took. It was a complete rainbow.
What a blessing the day was and it all ended with this sign that the Lord was indeed in control.
All is well in heaven with Jesus at His side.

                             Easter night, I was once again blessed with a sleepover with the grands.
We piled into our RV small cottage and watched movies, and played cards.
The next day after lunch everyone went home.

and Mamaw took a nap!!

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!

PS  With the Easter preparations, visitors from Sacramento, and playing catch-up, I didn't get a Pinterest Try in this week. In fact, I think I'll put that on hold and try to get back to regular posting. I seem to be planning that and fail to post some other things I want to, so I will still be trying things and sharing, but not on a regular day.
But for today, if I was going to try something to share it would be this.
Suzanne at Notes From the Patch pinned and posted about it.
I had also pinned this. My version is so perfect for my Weight Watchers.
 Boiled Egg 2 pts.
1/4 Avocado 2pts
Nature's Own Whole Grain Sandwich Thin 2 pts.
I also would add a big slice of tomato 0 pts.
6 Points Plus for a yummy lunch.


Stacey said...

The kids are so precious. Love the boys with their hair all spiked up.

Michelle said...

This looks like such a great time with your family!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for posting these pictures of your growing family. Even the babies are growing up! You have such a wonderful Easter tradition at Mamaw's - so glad the rain waited until after dinner.

Thanks for mentioning my Pinterest try. I'm addicted to it. So good for this vegetarian. BTW I'm trying another idea from Pinterst tonight and can't wait to see if it works...stay tuned = )

luvtoquilt said...

What a wonderful day you had! The picture of Emmy is priceless. And you look so nice in the picture with your cousin. (You could be a poster girl for WW!)We had a wonderful visit with Doug's mom -- everything was perfect -- no flight delays even! But this California girl was very happy to leave the snow and cold behind!

Annelies said...

Oh that picture of Emmy is so cute. I cannot imagine the fun we would have to have Emmy and Clare play together. A happy belated Easter. XXX

Susy said...

I love that all the kids participate and seem to get along so well. The "family first" seed is being cultivated in them. Hugs!