Saturday, July 27, 2013

Feeling a Little Blue

Noooo! Not that kinda blue.

Blue as in this:

I was in Target last week to get an ironing board cover. I really don't go to Target much but it is the only place I can get the ironing board cover I need.  I am a Walmart girl. (Love Target, just find Walmart prices better) At the end of one of the isles, I almost passed these up. But I think I heard them yell whisper  "Beverly, look again...we're blue. These babies jumped in my basket faster than you can say "blue canning jars.

While I'm on the subject (blue of course) I thought I'd show you my new straw dispenser. My friends, Linda, Ruth and I took a last minute day shopping trip to Long Beach to visit one of my other friends at her shop "Aunt Fanny's Emporium"  After we left there, and a few other stops, we went to Steinmart. My first time there. I found this. I had been thinking of ordering one on line. Perfect for my "blue" paper straws that another friend, Diane found for me.

Just another blue find. this cup was on the clearance table at Home Goods and I couldn't resist.

Okay, It's not blue, but this tray was another bargain at JoAnn's for just three bucks.
It had a nail coming out of a little piece of trim...Hey! I live with a carpenter, no problem.
Anyway it's going to get a fresh coat of white paint and Pam Kitty fabric Mod Podged on the bottom. I just laid some fabric on the bottom to cover up some not so cute stuff.

And, where is all this "blue" going you might ask?  In my "little blue trailer", which I'm sure has been feeling rather neglected for a while.
We are planning on taking it on a little beach trip soon.  I'm thinking the jars will serve as glasses or maybe just to sit around with cute stuff in them. Hey, I could find sea shells for one of them.

I do love me some blue, and red and yellow and of course white...but mostly I looooove blue.
Do you have a favorite color? and do you, like me find that you not only use it around you but the same color is your go to color when it comes to clothes and accessories too?

Even though, today, I'm feeling a little "blue", in my world...

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Phyllis @Around the House said...

love those beautiful jars,...the blue in such an incredible color...thanks for sharing and I also love the straw

Nancy B said...

Hi, Beverly. Love those blue jars. Your shopping trip to L.B. must have been such fun! Love the PK fabric on your cute little tray and the cup goes so well with it. Have a nice weekend.

Happy Sewing!

Stacey said...

Great finds! Love the tray especially.

Patty from Lemon Lane said...

So much cuteness and such a pretty bunch of blue! You certainly hit a lucky streak. I love it all!

Michelle said...

I love those blue jars! Wish they would make them that way all the time!

Annelies said...

So cute...and your bitty cottage is going to visit the SEA. HOW LOVELY!!!! Have the BEST time. XXXX

Linda said...

Very nice! I saw those the last time I was at Target too...I was trying to think of a use for them. I have seen holes drilled in the tops for straws...your cute striped straws give me an idea! Blue and orange are my favorites!!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Me too, I love blue..Wow what a great find I would have snatched up the blue jars too. I will have to check out my local target.
Hope all is well, sending love.
PS. I'm working on a white and black quilt.

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh girl, I love these blue canning jars! Have never seen any before! Hugs and blessings, Cindy