Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Sewing

Mostly pictures this time.
Since I didn't post much during the summer, thought I would catch you up on my sewing.
Some of these were taken at Strawberry Patches because I would forget to get pictures before I took them in.
and more purses
I may have shown this already, but just in case...
All made from patterns and fabric from Strawberry Patches

I showed you this fabric with things from England on it.
I made a couple of bibs out of the scraps, but forgot to get pictures.
Maybe later
A vest and long tie from the ones I make for Four Tiny Cousin
Vest and Bow Tie
Just a stack of finished projects ready to take to Four Tiny Cousin.
I do other things like shorts, pants, diaper covers and suspenders.
Thought I would count up how many I have made since May.
167 Bow Ties
59 Long Ties
63 Vests
61 Shorts/pants
7 Diaper Covers
14 Suspenders
This is an infinity scarf we made at Bernina Club. Suzanne so gracious as always gave us the fabric and pattern. I love mine. I wear a lot of denim so it dresses up a white T and capris.
My June Mug Rug
(July and August you might ask? I'm a little behind)
 Drapes made for a friend.
More drapes
 Pillows for the same room
Valances with Roman Shades for another friend.
Just a little change of pace.
I had a helper this morning making Brownies.
She is licking  looking the bowl
Gonna get every drop.
Watching a little Curious George.
 No not done yet.
Some serious scraping.
 There...Got it all!!!

Now...see why I haven't had much posting time?

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Linda said...

Oh my gosh you are a machine!! There is so much wonderfulness there! Have a wonderful afternoon!!

Anonymous said...

Bev, you are a wonderful sewing machine sewer. there, got it said without sounding like you are a grungy sewer. Your work is beautiful, and you have your own special effects on each thing.
I love your work. Paulette Decker

Nancy B said...

How great to see your work. AWESOME!
That little helper of yours is so cute. Before you know it, she will be wanting to help you sew! Enjoy every minute.

Happy Sewing!

Suzanne said...

Yes, you have been busy. We are blessed here at the Patch to have your beautiful creations here to inspire our friends. Thank you for all you do for us.

kelly said...

Sew glad to see you are blogging again! Really enjoy seeing what wonderful things you are making. But also how much you love life and the grandkids. Missed you while you were gone.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! You have accomplished a lot. I never learned to sew but sure wish I had when I see what others are capable of. Have a great day. Tammy

PamKittyMorning said...

Wow so much sewing! Love all the photos! And that cooks helper is adorable!