Friday, September 6, 2013

Morning Pleasures

I am an early riser. I love to get up when I see the slightest bit of light peeking through the window.  I don't want a minute of the day to slip by without getting in
 my morning pleasures.

You will think I'm crazy, but after starting morning coffee(1st on my list of morning pleasures), my second favorite pleasure is making  Mr. SS's lunch. I started out our marriage 45 yrs. ago making his lunch and have done it with pleasure ever since.  This man never changes what he wants for lunch, so whether he is off somewhere to work or is working in the shop here or just "here", I make his lunch in the morning.
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sammie
Cheetos(has to be the crunchy kind)
and Oreos
Not the most nutritious, but at least it's not fast food, right?
If I make him something else, or try to change it up a bit,
he will say, "Well, that was nice, but where was my........?"( whatever I changed out.)
Gotta love that man.

You see, since we live in an RV small cottage, I try to get outside as much as I can. I spend a lot of time cooped up in my small studio sewing and love my time outdoors.
By starting my day outside, I get to see my son and some of the grands as they do their morning chores too.

I start my morning with a morning devotional "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. This is my second year through it, but I'm amazed at how each entry, just fits my circumstances that day and gives me the inspiration I need to go through my day.
I have it on my "new" Kindle Fire. It's new to me, but belonged to my granddaughter Kobi. I bought it from her when she got an Ipad.

Next, I am still reading through the bible on the bible in a year second year for that too.

Then my bible study lesson from the our new Women's Bible Study on Wednesday nights.
It's a Beth Moore Study on Revelations.

Yesterday, when my "littlest" mail person brought back the mail, look what I found.
A newsletter from

She says it is the first mailed out in 6 years. There is always one on line, but I got pure pleasure
out of having it to read with my second third cup of coffee this morning.
It is beautifully written and full of the most fun classes and events. I just wish I could move into the store so I could take advantage of all the fun stuff going on.

Usually after my reading is finished, I have a little handwork to do before I head in to get dressed and start my day.

Of course today, I came in to post this while it was fresh on my heart.
I had intended to post some about our 5 day trip to the coast last week, but will save that for  next time.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Stacey said...

Hi Beverly. :)

Your habits of the heart sound so sweet to me. We are kind of that way too. Must have coffee together every morning. When something throws a morning habit out of whack my whole day feels strange.

Suzanne said...

My mornings start out by catching up on the blogs I follow while I enjoy a cup or two of morning coffee. Finding this post about the newsletter this morning made me smile - I heard from sweet ladies all day yesterday saying how much they enjoyed getting our newsletter. Getting encouraging comments makes me want to do even better next time! Thank you for that.

I know what you mean about routine and those quiet, early morning rituals. I am very protective of my quiet early mornings.

Have a blessed day!

PS: Love those bow ties!

Nancy B said...

Just look at all those bow ties! You have really been busy this summer. I enjoyed reading about your morning rituals. Looking forward to hearing about your beach trip. Did you take your little blue and white trailer?

Happy Sewing!

luvtoquilt said...

From one morning person to another -- I hear you! It is truly the best time of day! My sister will be visiting from Minneapolis next week and we are going to the coast for a few days(staying in Morro Bay). Looking forward to hearing about your coast trip -- any suggestions?