Tuesday, September 10, 2013

By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea

A few days before Labor Day, we got a call from our friends that have a home in Grover Beach. They wanted us to come for a visit over the holiday.
How fast can I pack?? Very fast. We cleared our schedule and left early very early Friday morning and came home Tuesday after Labor Day late very late.

We stay up stairs where there is a deck that overlooks the neighborhood and has a distant view of the ocean. We have a little kitchen equipped with a coffeepot, so this is where I enjoyed every morning with my coffee, in my favorite Adirondack  chair and  a romance novel. (Beach reading, you know) I even got to cuddle under an afghan as the mornings were a little lot cooler than at home.

Every afternoon, I propped my feet up on the railing and read some more, usually my favorite blogs and a little facebook. I don't do much on facebook, but do read some of my favorites. I can read those on my new used Kindle Fire. Also learned that I can watch  Downton Abbey on the Kindle too. Since I have Amazon Prime, it is free, so I watched the first one from the 1st year. Now to find the time to keep it up...oh well.

I know...ugly feet...who wants to see that.
I really am showing off my new turquoise (Payless for 10 bucks) sandals.

Saturday, we went to the Farmers Market. I didn't get pictures there. It was very crowded and getting quite warm. Yes, I even sweated some.  Anyway, you have seen lots of Farmers Market pictures from my past trips.
I got the tiny zucinni I love so much, bags of spring mix lettuce, Tomatoes...oh those tomatoes, peaches, apples(my favorite Honey Crisp), corn on the cob, strawberries, avocados, grapes, 
and Kettlecorn (oops...that's not on WW) Oh, bought that for Mr. SS. Yeah, right!!

Also got these beautiful green beans, red potatoes and a red onion.
Mmmm...we had them for dinner that night.
There is something about snapping beans that I love. These really had a snap to them too.
Maybe it's the farm girl in me...you know sitting on the front porch snapping beans for dinner.

In the pan they go with chopped red onion and some ham. Add a little garlic salt and pepper.
Cook for about an hour. I like mine done and soft, not crispy.
Then add the potatoes for an hour and it's all so so yummy.
And yes,  so on Weight Watchers.

Saturday night, we went with our friends Charles and Carol to their Elks Club in Oceano for Monte Carlo night.

Right down Mr. SS's alley...you can see he is so serious even though it was all for fun.
We even brought home some silly little gifts from his winnings that the kids loved.

Sunday afternoon it was
"Concert in the Park"
Playing was a great band...all sixties music, so we really enjoyed it.

along with hundreds of others, it seems. We were kind of up front, when I turned around later on, I was surprised how many people there were.

Monday was the last day for strawberries from this little stand, which is Carols favorite and so we drove by there to get...yes, more strawberries, blueberries and peaches.

Tuesday, before going home, we arranged to meet our grandson, Kyle for a late breakfast at 
the Apple Farm. He had gone home for the holiday, but was back for school at Questa Jr. College on Tuesday.

While waiting for him, I snapped a couple of pictures of these cute bibs made from a towel.
Too bad the pictures are dark, but I am going to make some of these soon. I just need to find some towels.
I'm sure I might have some fabrics that will work.

Kyle and his Papaw ordered the works... pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage. Growing boys, you know...
I had quiche and fruit.

Yep!  They both ate the whole thing.

After saying goodbye to Kyle we headed home, stopping at Avila Barn.
I didn't get any pictures there as I think the quiche I ate didn't like me at all.
(That's what I get for trying to eat another non WW food)

We made a quick exit and headed home. We were going to go to Avila beach so I could wiggle my toes in the sand for a bit, but I just didn't feel like it..
If you have been reading my blog, you know how badly I must have felt if I turned down sand toe wiggling time.

Shopped a little over the weekend and found a couple of treasures, but will share them next time.
Enough for now.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Stacey said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend in many ways!!

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh my, you had a great time didn't you? Looks like you had fun and yet got to relax a little. Love your shoes but really love the toe nail polish color! Great pictures! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Nancy B said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun!! Sorry you came home not feeling well, though. I'm going stir crazy, so we're trying to get away this week-end. Loved your post.

Happy Sewing!

Annelies said...

Lovely minivacation....minus the quiche ( oh my). Next time we BOTH meet up (G), and I have taken many a photo at the AF with intents of making such cute items. XXX

PamKittyMorning said...

Late to the party here but oh gosh, I loved these photos. Apple farm, food, Country Cousins, yummy. How are you, hope you're well.! xo