Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Grandma's Bragging Rights

Sunday, we drove down to Cal State Long Beach (UCLB) to watch a cheer competition
That is Mr. SS's Alma Mater and we both grew up and met in Long Beach, so it's always a little nostalgic having a reason to return.

Lexi (one of our youngest son Brandon's daughters) is the one in the back row, center of the screen. We were so high up, I couldn't get a good picture of them. She is in 7th grade at Rosedale Middle School. There were 160 teams there. We watched about 90 of them and really thought her team was among the best. (Grandparents can be a lot  little prejudiced though) I guess the judges thought so too, because we found out later that night that they took 2nd overall. GO!! ROSEDALE BULLDOGS.
We are so proud of you Lexi!!

Monday, Cade (my middle son Eric's youngest) invited me to an event at his school called "A Walk Through California"  All the kids in his class dressed up as character from California history. Cade is a Gold Rush Miner. They studied hard to learn about California and were split into teams. Here he is in the "expert" chair and answering questions.

Cade and his teacher. Guess teachers get to dress up too.
Mom did a great make-up job on that beard.
Anyway, I learned a lot too and found myself trying to answer the questions along with the kids.
So proud of you, Cade. (Love my little Mini-Eric)

Okay, totally off subject, but have to share this:
Mr. SS brought the mail in this morning and laid this on my ironing board. Because we had moved, I hadn't expected to get it in the mail. Even when I worked at Strawberry Patches and taught classes there, I always got excited to get the newsletter in the mail. All work stopped, I grabbed a fresh cup of coffee and sat on the couch under my favorite quilt and read it from cover to cover.
One of my goals this year is to take a class....
Hmmmm...which one to choose??
Well, guess you'll have to wait and see because I can't make up my mind.
You can find the newsletter here on Strawberry Patches website.
Maybe we can take a class together.


Nancy B said...

Hi, Beverly. Loved hearing about your g-kids. Congratulations!
Yes! Let's take a class! Keep me posted.


donnasitsabeautifulday said...

What a small world, my son in law works for the company that puts on the cheersport competitions and he was out in CA for that one.