Friday, January 23, 2015

So, I Sew!!

It's been a dreary, gloomy, foggy January so far. I need to be out pruning roses and cleaning flower beds, but this weather just makes me want to hole up in my sewing room. So, after getting my house back together after Christmas, I have done a little sewing. Since my blog name sorta suggests I do some sewing, thought it was time to post a little about that.

Actually, the first two little dresses, I did before Christmas. I showed you the fabrics and patterns, but never got around to showing you them finished. They were both for Strawberry Patches for models.
Patterns and fabric available on SP website.
This one is "Penelope" by Olive Ann

I didn't get a picture of the next one, so I stole  borrowed it from here. Hope you don't mind, Suzanne.
It is also an Olive Ann pattern called "Butterscotch"
The fabric is Pam Kitty Garden, the new line just out.

 I'm so thankful that Strawberry Patches gives out my name to people wanting sewing done. This is a cradle pad. The sweet grandma wanted two mattress pads and 4 sheets made for it.
It had been a long time since I have done nursery sewing so thank goodness, I kept my  reference book for instructions.
This book had a 1982 publishing date and I have used it so many times, it is falling apart. It's a good thing I never get rid of stuff.
A couple of weeks ago, at church, I noticed how my bible cover was falling apart and knew if I didn't do something  soon to save it, the pages would be coming apart too. I have other bibles, but this is my devotional one and I have written in it and read the devotions since 1990. So I dug out some denim scraps from a Goodwill dress, some hexies I already had made, and robbed my vintage pearl button jar.
I even had a little scrap for a pen holder.
The back needed scraps to cover some unsightly seams.
Then I made little pockets to fit over the front and back cover.
Of course, I used Pam Kitty Morning scraps for it, still my favorite fabrics...ever.
These are the fabrics I will be using to decorate my laundry/sewing room. Last spring, I decorated a table for our "Buttons and Bows" luncheon at church with these. I have a ton of them. The aqua looks good with my paint color and the button fabric is so cute for a sewing room. the red is a dot(it's hard to tell) and a Pam Kitty Morning fabric...of course.
These baskets were black with white liners for my laundry room in my last house. It took about 3 cans of  white spray paint to transform them for my new laundry room. There are four of them and four little cubbies for them that Mr. SS built on the laundry side of the room.
I've lined two of them and am working on the other two today.
Still sewing for Four Tiny Cousins and made 18 of these last week. Nine vests for them are on my sewing table too.
Then with this chilly weather, I spend some time almost every day or night cuddled up under this quilt that I am hand quilting.

So, I sew until it warms up and I can get out and do my gardening...hopefully a little warmer weather this Saturday. No ball games, so guess I'll tackle those rose bushes...maybe.


Stacey said...

Wow, you are good! That little green polka dot dress is the cutest thing ever!

Michelle said...

Those dresses are so cute. You are very talented.

Gail said...

You left out the fact that you cooked lunch for your friends and help friends with their sewing projects, too. Thanks talented friend!

PamKittyMorning said...

I love that blue dress and wondered if you had made it. That bible cover is so cute too, love seeing some of my old favorites on it. It masse me so happy to see tour projects! Xop

Susy said...

Beverly ~ you are AMAZING and everything you sew is so darn cute!

You always tug at my heartstrings because you're gifted sewing reminds me of my mother.

Love you!
xo Susy

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I adore the little dresses! You've been busy! Wish I had your sewing skills! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Annelies said...

Of course you can guess that I bought PKM Fabric and the pattern for the little girl dress ar ROAD!!!! You SEW inspire me. Off to run to work. Sending hugs and more hugs. XXX