Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter

Are you like me and saying to yourself, it can't be Easter already? Wasn't Christmas just last week?
March seems like the fastest month ever. We had a busy month around here. A birthday and a trip to Washington and Oregon took up the first two weeks. Then March was gone and here it is April and Easter.

This Cross is right across the street from my front porch. I took this several weeks ago, but thought it perfect for my Easter post.
The birthday girl, Emmy turned 5 this month. She is our "baby" but is so grown up. When asked what she wanted for her birthday, she told her parents she wanted new baby chicks. If you have been reading my blog for a while, I have often called her the "Chicken Whisperer" because she can catch, hold and cuddle the hens when no one else can. Well, she got 27 new baby chicks for her birthday and yesterday she showed them to me. The all have names and she knows each one of them.
She asked to make her a dress, so of course that's what a good Mamaw would do, right?
When she told me that's what she wanted,  I told her I was really glad she still likes me to make her dresses.
Being the precocious child she is (and 5 going on 15) she said, I said dress not dresses....OK!
I have no trouble getting her to pose, we had a fun morning in the yard and I probably got 20 photos, but I'll stop now. You got the idea.
I took this project to Washington for handwork in the car. I blanket stitched it and the stitches aren't too even, but I got it finished and put together when I got home. It sits on the bench I have in my entry way. 
I really enjoyed making the flowers. Of course I've done lots of yo-yo flowers, but had never done the others before. It's always fun learning a new technique. They would make cute hair bows for my girls...hmmm.
I finished off the back in my favorite way, by over lapping and adding vintage buttons.
The pillow is 38 x 18. I made the insert and literally had a wrestling match on the floor trying to get the pillow inside. Mr.SS thought it hilarious, but didn't offer any help at all.
I did a little Easter decorating using a few favorite things and some vintage linens and tablecloth.
I love my little lambs. I have had them for many years.
This little bobble head rabbit was added this year along with the metal shelf. The rabbit came from the dollar store. Amazing how something so cheap inexpensive can make me so happy. The metal shelf came from HomeGoods and was a pretty good deal too.

Thought since tomorrow is Easter, I would leave you with this picture again.  Wishing you a Happy Easter and a blessed day with church, family and of course lots of good food.


Michelle said...

Happy Easter!

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I adore the pretty dress and it looks darling on that beautiful grandgirl! Your Easter all looks so pretty but the Cross....oh yes the Cross....He's alive! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Nancy B said...

Your granddaughter just gets cuter by the minute! Love that darling pillow, too.

Happy Spring!