Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Touch of Spring

A Photo of my yard!!
Several years ago, before it was my yard. 
My neighbor gave this to me the other day.  He took it from his side of the fence. If only it could look like this again.
When we moved into our small cottage in late August, everything was dead and even the 30 plus rose bushes looked sad. After a little water, we were able to get many nice bouquets of roses before winter settled in. But there was no sign of any thing else.
Now with the warm weather the flower beds have been taken over with weeds, some over 2 feet tall.
As we are clearing out the weeds and trying to prepare for spring planting, we are finding a few surprises.
Reaching up for some of the early spring sunshine, we have found a few of:
and several of these,
and a whole bed of these (please ignore the weeds),
and lots of these.
As I was weeding this flower bed, and after I had pulled up some of these sweet pea vines, my neighbor said, Emmet had sweet peas growing all along that old trellis.
Opps. Well luckily, There were a couple I hadn't pulled out yet.
We'll see what happens with those.
A little of these purple pretties too.

After 2 days on my knees, one of my knees went out and I  had to keep it propped up with ice for a couple of days while I watched my sweet Mr. SS weed a  few more of the beds.
He wanted me outside with him to "cheer" him on, he said, so he hung my favorite wicker swing.
Now that my knee is better, I will start weeding the rest of the beds tomorrow, a little at a time. Can't kneel, so maybe I'll just scoot around on my bottom. (I know, not a pretty sight), but I have visions of what used to be:

Before I go, I have to wish a big Happy Birthday to my granddaughter Kobi.
She turned 13 today and her wish was to go to Olive Garden with her Mamaw and Papaw.
Could we be any more blessed.


Suzanne said...

It was so good to see you and Kobi before your trip to the Olive Garden. What a sweet girl she is!

I have no doubt that your yard will be beautiful again. I'd like to think that Emmett is smiling down on you and what you and Mr. SS are trying to achieve to bring his yard back. Isn't it amazing what some water and TLC can do for those bulbs, seeds and rose bushes? If it's any comfort I scoot around my yard on my bottom too. Works just fine.

Michelle said...

I am not much on kneeling either! Scoot around and enjoy!

Creations By Cindy said...

WOW! Life has begun to bloom again from your yard! I noticed our pear and plum tree had blooms on it recently. Happy birthday to your grandgirl! She is beautiful. Hugs and blessing, Cindy

deb said...

you would be amazed at what the spring brings forth, looks like you are in for lots of surprises....sweet peas are my FAV!!!!

Susy said...

What delightful surprises ~ and so fitting for the new beginnings you're enjoying at the cottage. Bloom where you're planted! (**

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You are going to have so mu7ch fun getting your garden in order :) I'm glad you found a house and are settling in. Your blog looks beautiful!!!

Patty Chamberlain said...

Beverly, you have a beautiful yard. I just love your blog! Your stories are so heart warming and beautiful. God bless.