Monday, February 29, 2016

A Quick Road Trip and A Few of My Favorite Things

Last week we found out Mr. SS's sister who lives in Oregon was really ill. I packed our bags while he was at work and we left to make the very long trip. After spending the night in Sacramento with my cousin, we left early the next morning. It was not  to be a fun trip like the one we took almost exactly a year ago to Washington and Oregon, but as we were driving and feeling anxious about what we would find at the end, we couldn't help seeing evidence of God's Glory.
We both felt the peace He was giving us as we drove through northern California and then on to Oregon.
This is Mt. Shasta. I had a hard time getting a picture as there are so many tall trees, but with patience, I found an opening and snapped this.
In Oregon (of course, because it doesn't rain this much in California) we hit some really heavy rain, but as it cleared God showed us a beautiful rainbow. It was a full half circle and actually a double one, but the second one barely shows. At one point it seemed to drop down on the highway right in front of us.
A little later as the sun went down, the clouds cleared up enough for us to see this. I wasn't patient enough with this picture, though because as we passed a small body of water, the sunset was reflected as a mirror image on the water. I said to Mr. SS that I put my camera down too quickly. Just goes to show, you gotta keep it ready when there is so much beauty all around.
With out going into too much detail, Sis was not doing well at all, but the blessing was that she knew we were there and even though she couldn't talk, we knew she could understand much of what we said.

After getting home, going to a basketball game and two baseball games, I had to get to work.
I had started some chair covers for a friend that were way overdue.
This is one of her chairs. I had 4 covers to do.
I finished them this morning.
They are made from a painters drop cloth. I have read and seen so much about using theses for slipcovers and curtains, but have never used one before. If you are okay with a distressed look and some flaws in the fabric, it is and inexpensive way to go. The weight and off white color is great too.
This is the picture my friend, Sally gave me. I had to do the back a little different because of the way her chair was made, but I think they came out pretty much the same.

Soooo, this afternoon, I got to go to my favorite quilt store Strawberry Patches and get a pattern and fabric for a birthday dress for sweet little Emmy Lou, who will be 6 on March 7th. She came running up to me at the basketball game and was counting off the days til her birthday. She said she wanted me to make her a dress, so, I sew.
I've made this dress before for a model, and she saw it  and loved the bows on it, so that's what I picked, I went with this peach for something a little different from my favorite reds and blues.
These are for a great niece that wants a purple and blue apron.
Suzanne showed these on facebook a few weeks ago, so while I was there I got some "just because" they are cute and it's almost Easter. I haven't a clue what I'll make, but I'll share here when I do.
Lastly, I bought a piece of flesh colored fabric to make a doll. Right before Christmas I went on a hunt for a pattern for a doll to make. I finally came up with this book. I don't know when I will have time, but I just know I want to make a doll. Suzanne and I started out making dolls to sell. Funny thing, in my Internet searching, I came across a vintage pattern (probably 1975)on Ebay for the doll we made. Wish I had a picture. We made the doll and different clothes and sold hundreds of them.

Well, I have rattled on way too long. I miss posting regularly like I used to so you may see me a little more often.



Suzanne said...

Boy have you been busy! I'm so sorry to hear about Dennis' sister. That's a long trip, especially when you're feeling anxious but I know you are glad you went.

I love Sally's chairs - even better than the original ones. And the fabrics from the Patch look fun. Lots of creativity in your future.

It's good to hear from you!


Gail Olds said...

Glad you have had a chance to be creative. You always do a great job with everything you create. Have fun.

Patty Marker said...

Good to see you posting. Beautiful shots. So sorry about your SIL.

Creations By Cindy said...

So good to see your post when I pulled mine up! I miss talking with you. So sorry about your sis sickness. WOW! Now you had some work with those chair covers I bet! Looking good. Hugs and blessings, Cindy