Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring is in the Air

Last year it was fun seeing our yard start to bloom with color that we didn't know we had. I still loved seeing that this year, but I was most excited about a few things we planted, trees. A Silky Oak, and a Meyer Lemon that aren't really picture worthy, and 3 fruit trees.

This is a nectarine and even though it is usually me that gets excited over first blooms, the fruit trees are Mr. SS's babies. He was counting the first blossoms and now it is covered with them.
The peach tree, not as covered but pretty anyway. The plum didn't blossom, so guess we won't have plums this year.
Our first rose. There are buds all over the others, so I'll have lots of roses to come.
These are our prettiest Daffodils. I think the row of them we have need to be thinned as there are more plants and not so many blooms
Poppies come up everywhere. Last year I pulled most of them thinking they were weeds. I knew better this year.
My Sweet Peas are my favorite. Last year I pulled most of them before realizing what they were. This year they are abundant. We sit in the swing on the other side of the patio and swear we can see the sweet peas grow. They are vining up that lattice so fast. Can't wait til they bloom.

Mr. SS replaced the weathered lattice with new white. He knows how I love white. Don't tell him, but I think I liked the weathered ones better. I saved them and will use them in the garden somewhere else.

One of the best signs of spring is the weather being warm enough to eat outside. Our first dinner outside this week with our oldest Grandson, Kyle. He goes to college here in Bakersfield, but still lives in Tehachapi, so 2 days a week he comes over between classes and has dinner here.
We love every minute spent with this handsome 21 year old. He weeded my flower beds last week as my knees won't allow me to anymore.
Finally to my sewing project earlier this week. Our youngest grand turns 6 on Monday and she still loves for me to make her dresses. I showed you the fabric in the last post. Mr. SS asked me what I love most about sewing (since I seem to be doing that all the time). I said that I love fabric and turning a flat folded piece into something pretty is just so fun. It could be a pillow, a quilt, or any number of things I make for my home and others, but a dress that makes a little girl squeal has got to be the best.

I've got to hurry off and get ready for a swim meet for Drew, the high schooler and a basketball game for Jack the...athlete. He is so much like his Papaw...a story for another time.

Wishing you a great weekend, a happy Spring and as always,



Gail Olds said...

I'm anxious to see your beautiful back yard. The dress is so sweet. She is lucky to have you for a Grandma. Oldest grandson is too because you are a great cook. Have fun spoiling those grandkids. 😀

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad you found your little house and that you are enjoying it so much. You two are just the perfect pair with your abundant talents. It's nice to have big grands that can help with the chores. Love hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and I'm always so happy to see a new installment. Thanks Aunt *Beeberly*.
Love you!