Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Little Gardening and a Day with Emmy

Last year I posted pictures of our backyard full of roses and flowers that showed up without me doing much other than weeding and watering.
Our front yard is another story. It had 4 Rose bushes, 2 Camellias, 2 Azaleas and 2 very old trees. 
Nothing bloomed last year because Mr. SS "butchered" (his description) them all. This year we had a few Camellia blooms and this beautiful Azalea .

We didn't plant any color last year because Mr. SS wanted to landscape and put in sprinklers. Well, that hasn't happened yet...he's designing now, but I just wanted some spring color, so we decided to put everything in pots, so they could be moved when he tears up the whole yard.
We had kept some of our landscaping decorations from the big house. Much of it stored on the side of the house. I had really forgotten what I had. Here's one of the benches and bunnies that were begging to be cleaned up and brought back to life. The Elysium in the background comes up on its own.
Another forgotten bunny and yellow pot on our front porch table.
I did buy this window box new at Lowe's. It was black and when I asked the garden center guy if they had any window boxes, that's what he showed me. I said "No, I want something cute." You can imagine the look I got. Anyway a can of spray paint and I'm okay with it.

An old fountain that had fallen apart. It used to be 3 tiers, But Mr. SS managed to put it together enough to use it for a planter.
Two more dirty pots came back to life and adorn the front walk.
Another bench, bunny and a couple of potted plants. I still have a couple more bunnies. Did they multiply over on the side of the house? I don't remember having such a "thing" for bunnies.
There was already a little flower bed around one of the big trees, so Mr. SS planted some flowers in the ground. He said, "No matter what I do with the landscape, that tree's not moving."

Now for my day with Emmy.I got to pick her up from Kindergarten and bring her home with me for a little one on one time. In case you have forgotten,  she is the youngest of our 10 grandchildren and quite the character. She just turned 6, but acts more like 16,
except when it comes to picking what she want to eat and drink out of. I have a drawer with all the baby dishes and she just had to have a sippy cup...silly girl.
She got to have her favorite Mac and  Cheese and Strawberries.
She noticed all the new flowers out in the front and asked if she could water them. Well of course...these days, I can use all the help I can get.

She is such a joy. We also had some reading time, blowing bubbles time and some just good being silly time.
I pulled up some pictures on the computer of her helping me in the garden when we lived in her back yard.
She was only 2 here. She's 6 now. Where does time go?

Feeling blessed with a fun Spring day with Emmy
and a home with a yard to plant flowers in.



Gail Olds said...

Everything looks beautiful! The prettiest is Emmy.

Stacey said...

Beverly, your flowers are so pretty but not as pretty as little Emmy. :)

Patty Marker said...

Such a cutie! And the flowers and bunnies look like springtime.

Suzanne said...

I know how much you must be enjoying your own yard after several years without. Your spring and Easter touches are inspiring. I'll have to take my camera outside this weekend. Thanks for sharing. (Can't believe Emmy is 6!)