Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter

Tonight as I am getting ready for bed after a day spent cooking desserts and salads for tomorrow's Easter dinner at my youngest son's house, I'm feeling a little teary. Everything is ready for tomorrow. Food is cooked, I cooked and cleaned up from a big Lasagna dinner for my friend MariEllen from So Ca. and my BIL from Nevada. I've laid out church clothes.
But I  haven't taken time to think about what tomorrow is besides a family gathering. It's Easter, Resurrection Day. My prayer tonight is to take time from my busyness  to be thankful for what Jesus did for me and to realize the miracle of him rising from the grave.
I don't usually get so sentimental on my blog, but that's just me tonight.

Okay...on to my blog post. This cute little lop eared bunny came from my DIL, Stefani's shop in Tehachapi.
It's a wonderful shop full of treasures, furniture she has re purposed, jewelry, accessories, and loads of home and garden decor. It's called Bliss Interiors and it is a lovely shop. If you get a chance to stop by, you will love it. She is on face book too, so look her up. 
I had a real treat earlier this week when one of my other DIL's, Lialani brought Cade and Kobi over. While Lia did my pedicure (oh what a treat that is), the kids washed my windows inside and out. They had never washed windows before and after listening to me tell them how I like them done, they did a fantastic job. Look at that smile. They also helped me clean up the patio and get it decorated and spruced up for the weekend company.
Kobi wanted a bouquet of roses for her room. We have the most beautiful roses this year. They are huge and smell so good. 
That lavender one is all our favorite. It has the best fragrance of all.
Today, Lexi and Mr. SS cut roses for all the center pieces for the tables tomorrow.  I'll get a better picture tomorrow. We had tons of Narcissus this year that didn't bloom much last year and later they added some to the bouquets.
Mr. SS found this bunny at Home Goods. At first I didn't care for it too much because it doesn't have a face, but it is solid wood and Mr. SS thought we should have it...mmm...that man and his love for wood.
Now, I have kinda fallen in love with it along with Mr. SS.

Wishing you a blessed Easter Day!!

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Creations By Cindy said...

Hey Beverly, I do hope you had a wonderful Easter my friend. Happy Wednesday. Hugs and blessings, Cindy