Friday, April 22, 2016

A Good Week After All

Just got home from our five day trip to the coast. All unpacked and ready for bed. But first a quick post to document a really good trip.
We left Monday morning pulling our little blue and white trailer headed for the coast. Golfing for Mr. SS, sewing for me, and whatever we wanted to do in between.
We had just passed a big truck (I have to close my eyes  when we do I literally duck my head)
I heard a loud bang and then flap, flap flap. Then Mr. SS caught on to my panic as he looked in the rear view mirror...yep a flat tire.
He pulled over and worked for over an hour trying to loosen the lug bolts. No luck, bless his heart. It was 90 degrees out and both our freshly showered bodies were dripping in sweat. 
He said, we just had to drive slow as we still had 3 good tires. Yeah, that made me feel better.
God was with us, we put on our flashers and drove slowly to New Cuyama. We always stop there for lunch on our way to the coast.

We pulled up in front and went in, asking the waitress if there was any place in town we could get a tire changed. No, there wasn't. Everyone in the place was just kinda staring at us. I was about to cry, when a young man who was sitting with a group of 4 men stepped up and said. We can take care of it for you. Follow us to our farm about a mile from here.
Whew, I said to Dennis, can I stay here where it's cool and get a diet coke. Sure, he said and off they went.
Then I kinda panicked and thought, what if they kidnapped him or something. He didn't have much cash on him as I carry that, but we have that big red truck and our pretty little blue and white trailer. 
My mind was running wild. So I called one of my sons and expressed my concern. He said just call him...oh why didn't I think of that. He was on his way back and tire was changed. Those nice men would not even take a penny for their help. God was with us.
This is what our tire looked like in the back of our truck. The wheel wasn't even damaged. God was with us!
We are responsible RV'rs. We have roadside assistance, but it would have taken hours for them to get to us. I could just hear the phone call, "You are in New What?" 
Now another hour and we were ready to head for the coast once again.
WAIT! We weren't upset enough to have lost our appetite. You have to know Mr. SS to know, he does not miss many meals. So we ordered. When his fries? Forgotten the tire already. "Where are my fries?"
My salad was perfect as is.
Tuesday, Mr. SS golfed and I made more curtains for the trailer. Not a good picture, and they didn't turn out like I planned, but I like them. They were supposed to be pinch pleated with covered buttons on the pleats, but the pattern I used was way too full even though I had made adjustments, to do the pleats and buttons.
I used the same Pam Kitty fabric i used on all the smaller windows. I just wanted the ones for over the dining table and sitting area to be different. This picture shows the ones I had already made.
We BBQ'd the second night. Our first BBQ of the season. Guess what we had. Yep...hamburger with all the fixin's. They tasted sooo good.
Wednesday we went to Grover Beach to see our friends that live there. Carol took me to a Farmers Market close by. This is just some of the goodies I got. Those shelled sugar snap peas are the best. They are good just as a snack or in a salad, but Mr.SS won't eat them that way. So the next night we BBQ'd chicken and I made brown rice and a salad. I threw some of the peas in the rice. So, so good.

After we left our friends house, we drove to San Luis Obispo and had lunch at the Apple Farm. Then we drove to Morro Bay and on  a little north to Cuyucas. It is the cutest little town right on the beach. I called it a sleepy little town and Mr. SS asked what that meant. I said no one is in a hurry...NOT. We were slowly driving by a place called Brown Sugar Cookie when a truck honked and raced around us. Guess you have those people everywhere. 
We had read about an RV park there on the side of the hill overlooking the ocean. We loved the place and are already planning our next trip to the coast and staying at Bella Vista.

Tomorrow it's back to normal. We are off to Irvine to watch our Kobi play Volleyball and Sunday to Taft for baseball. I also have to squeeze in making a sweet 8 yr. old a birthday dress in the next two days.



Stacey said...

Beverly, I love hearing this because once again it just proves that there are wonderful people in this world. :)

Your food looks amazing and the curtains are cute. :)

Beverly said...

Yes there are, Stacy and we have been blessed more than once in this way. Just hope we get the chance to pay it back soon.

Gail Olds said...
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Creations By Cindy said...

There are some great and wonderful people in the world. What a blessing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Annesphamily said...

Beverly, you were so blessed to get such wonderful help for your tire. What a blessing! Love those curtains you sewed. The food you shared is making me hungry. Thank you for sharing your story here. enjoy your weekend. xo

PamKittyMorning said...

What a great time. The flat tire story reminds me that I watch a lot of crime shows so I would have been worried too. I guess I'm jaded, I never think gee people are just nice. We're nice? Why wouldn't other people be nice too?

Love the trip to the coast and the lunch at Apple Farm. That's a favorite. Feeling a little envious!