Monday, May 2, 2016

White on White

Right after Easter, I put all my Easter decorations away that I had in my hutch and the few things left were white. It was too early to start my Red White and Blue decorating that I do before Memorial Day and leave until after Labor Day. I kept looking at the white and it hit me...White on White. I have a board on Pinterest with that title so I searched it and got some ideas. 

I was headed out the door to shop, Home Goods and Hobby Lobby when I thought, silly girl, I bet you could shop your own house, cupboards and storage and come up with enough to decorate that small hutch.
So that's what I did.
Here's what I came up with without buying a single thing.
I have to confess, I have a massive collection of vintage linens too and I searched through a tub in the garage and found so many white ones I had forgotten I still had.

 It really helped that Mr. SS changed the back of the hutch to white bead board before I decorated for Easter, so the stage was set.
 I still have some of my Milk Glass collection, so of course I pulled it all together from other places in the house
 It isn't all white. I used some glass too. There are vintage white hankies tucked under the lid of a Crystal jar. A small glass cloche has a dollar store white candle in it.
The plate and creamer and sugar are Sweetheart Milk Glass. They are the only pieces I have of that.
 More of my Milk Glass pieces including a short cake plate that is usually on the center of my table.
The small vintage pitcher is Royal Crown Ironstone with Wheat on it. It has a million hairline cracks in the surface, but I love it.
The Milk Glass Rooster is from Martha Stewart a long time ago. A Crystal vase and another Dollar Tree candle and glass holder. There are about 12 large napkins in the basket that were Martha Stewart from Kmart almost 20 yrs. ago. They are pique and really stained, but perfect folded for display. I love the little Milk Glass Bowl with the lace design around the edge.
 More lacy napkins folded and hanging over the edge of a crystal bowl.
The Milk Glass candle is new and given to me by some special friends on an antiquing trip. There is a tiny milk glass chicken on a bowl in front of the platter. I bought that in the 70's at a World Softball Tournament in Wisconsin. I didn't even collect chickens or milk glass then, but we were so poor, it was probably the only souvenir I could afford.
 This is probably one of my favorites. An ironed and folded stack of different size white hankies just tied with a ribbon.
All in white, it gives my hutch a bright cheery spring look until it gets ready for the longest decorating season of the year.  (Red, White and Blue)
Oh, almost for got to say, I had all the white put together and it just seemed blah. It needed some greenery to add to that springy feel.
Keeping in my spirit of not buying anything new for this display, I pulled out a bag of the little clover like small pieces of greenery and placed it around everything.
To add a little color here, I thought I would show you my first edible strawberry out of my little strawberry patch. I've had some other tiny ones that ripened but got mushy before I got to them. These went on top of my yogurt this morning. Yummy!
Another spot of color on the center of the table. Probably my last full bouquet of Sweetpeas. First the wind blew them down from the lattice and the the two hard rains we had beat them up pretty bad. They had a good run though. Can't wait for next year.

In the 70's and 80's I loved anything tea stained or off white, but starting in the 90's I have loved everything white. And that love hasn't ended or ever will. Although I am a lover of color,
White on White
is just me.



Stacey said...

All of your white pieces look pretty in the hutch, Beverly. I like the pretty linen napkin folded over the edge too. When I see collections of whites like that, I always wonder why I'm not collecting some too. :)

Suzanne said...

Very pretty and fresh for spring. Couldn't help but think your whites would be pretty for winter too with some silver accents and greenery. Isn't it fun to display and enjoy what we love and already have?

PamKittyMorning said...

Love how pretty this is, with all your treasures. I have a similar hutch, and haven't changed it out in ages. I feel inspired to think of something new. Love the beadboard as well, That seems like such an easy option.

Gail Olds said...

Your hutch looks like a photo in a magazine. Perfect touch of greenery to balance the white vignettes. I've been trying to use what I have too. Fun to have a new display of your own treasures. The sweet pea bouquet is
beautiful and I'm sure it smells good too. Have a great Spring day.

Kerri said...

I love white on white and your hutch is styled so well! I have just started picking up milk glass at thrift have so much! First time to your lovely blog.

Sandra said...

Love the simplicity of white on white. I always think of you when I use my milk glass! I love my chicken on basket collection. Still hope we can do our vintage doily/hanky bunting some day.

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh Beverly I love your white on white. Your dishes are so pretty. I have a friend that loves ANYTHING white and elegant. I must share your post with her. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Dogmom Diva said...

Oh I love what you did with the white on white..the beadboard on the back of the hutch is genious..I love milk glass, I have quite a few pieces of it, courtesy of my nana..I think I could do white on white with my curio cabinet, this summer it would give it a fresh look. Great ideas!

I collect chickens and roosters, only ones now that are really, really different...I have so much boxed up for giveaway to a charity, I don't dare buy what I don't just LOVE and HAVE to have..this move has been so expensive, as soon as we return from my mom's memorial and open house next weekend, we have to cut back on the spending. I can just 'shop my house' you!