Friday, October 28, 2016

A Little Uplift to the Front of our Little Cottage

Once again, it has been awhile, hasn't it? Everyday, I think about something I want to blog about and somehow the day goes by and I haven't. Well, today I was taking pictures of our front entry and decided it was time to sit down and journal the changes on my blog. I've put some things on Facebook about it, but this is a little more detailed.
This is the only before picture of our cottage I could find. As you can see the front door is not centered under the portico. I have wanted it moved since the first time we looked at the house. When Mr. SS decided to move it, I suggested that we add sidelights as long as we were changing things. Well, things went kinda crazy from there. That is typical of us. We are fixer uppers at heart and knew from day one, that the front of this house was going to change. You can't see them, but there are 4"x4" in posts at the front of the portico.
From the inside after door was removed.
The out side. The top of the portico had a ceiling right above the door. Mr. SS removed it and started designing.
He cut out the opening for door and side lights. Wow, it really opened up our entry. Loving it already.
From the outside.

Framing it all in.

Sidelights are in!
Door back in and all trimmed out on the inside.
We did not change the size of the portico at all, just subtracted and added to make it look so much more prominent.  He removed a paneling to expose that area under the roof line. The center brace and beam were already there, but he added the two pieces of wood.
From the inside.
Now bead board and two columns have been added to the wall surrounding the door. The 4x4 posts have been wrapped and trimmed. Every thing already looks so much bigger.
Bead board  and a center beam was added to the roof of the portico and it is primered.
Painting done
Look at those columns.
The ceiling with bead board and our new little chandelier. It only has 3 lights and lots of little crystals. At night the crystals sparkle on the all that shiny white paint. It is so pretty.
We still have to paint  front door and are leaning towards red. Our last house had a red one, and I never tired of it.

Okay, done for today. Some sewing next time and then the new window makeovers.

As always,  I am feeling blessed


PamKittyMorning said...

Its a wonderful face-lift!

Suzanne said...

The transformation is stunning Beverly! We all know Dennis a master at columns. I'll never forget the time I asked for a poll at �� Patches and got an amazing column. I know I was leaning towards a black �� but now I switch my vote to red. Whatever you choose it will be fabulous.