Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chocolate Fun

Last night was our traditional "making of the fudge" night. It started thirty some years ago when my youngest son started helping me make the fudge. His older brothers were never interested, but Brandon had figured out there was a reward at the end of this task. You'll see!!
It makes sense that Brandon's kids would want to help, so what started with one helping, now adds up to five pair of hands. (Emmy, the 20mo old not included yet)
Drew does the measuring and everyone gets to add something to the pot.
Then we start stirring
and stirring
And then there's the licking tasting.
And more licking tasting.
Then we beat it
And beat it some more.
Until we have one pan of fudge without nuts.
And one pan with nuts for all the "nutty people".  (Don't know why they look different colors)
And then it's time for clean up!!

After clean-up and the fudge making five went home, I stayed up until 2:00am and made my oldest granddaughter, Madi, her Christmas skirt.
Made from the same blue velvet, glitter satin and sheer snowflake fabrics that the 6 Christmas dresses were made from.
Madi is 15 and I couldn't find a dress pattern I thought she would like, so she opted for a skirt.
Her other grandma picked it up today so she could wear it to the family party on Saturday night and match her cousins.
I can't wait to get pictures of them all...and the boys too of course. If I was a really good Mamaw, I would have made shirts for the boys too...maybe next year.

One more picture and then I'm off to bed. Wrapping presents and more baking tomorrow.
This is a tiny tree with houses and train that Dept. 56 put out the year the "Polar Express" movie came out.
We were living in our little blue and white trailer then and this was all we had room for. It has become a favorite of the kids. There is a little ticket on the front. If you pull it, the Train Whistles and starts around the track while the conductor (Tom Hanks) voice says "Aaaaall aboard the Polar Express" That's it! But the kids just keep pulling that ticket.
So see...I have a tree. Just the right size for my RV small cottage.

Just in case I don't get back before Christmas, I want to wish all of my friends in blogland and those of you in my real life who read my blog a very Merry Christmas and may you receive all the blessings of the season.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


patches said...

I love Maddi's skirt! Very grown up and hip. I also love The Polar Express and Dept 56. Sorry I missed that village piece.

Boys never out grow their love for chocolate it seems. Linda Stone brought a big plate of cookies and fudge for the girls at the store and I took five pieces home to Bill thinking he could enjoy it slowly over the following two weeks before Christmas. The morning after I gave it to him I found the empty baggie in our bed and chocolate all over the sheets. Cracked me up! He'd eaten the whole thing during the night. I guess he just couldn't sleep knowing that yummy chocolate fudge was lurking there in the dark.

Susy said...

Well Beverly ~ it's been quite a year (: So glad we've become blog buddies, and agree that maybe we'll be able to connect in person in 2012. Abundant blessings to you and your family this Christmas season, and the new year. We have so much to be grateful for. His Mercies are new every morning. xo

Linda said...

You certainly are lucky to have so many wonderful helpers making the fudge! Maddi's skirt looks very grown it!I hope you and your wonderful family have a very Merry Christmas!!

Nancy B said...

I think you are a really good Mamaw! You are making wonderful memories for your grandchildren.
Merry Christmas!

Dogmom Diva said...

Beverly, what fun and wonderful memories being made..and the fudge looks delicious! I hope you and Mr. Sew Sweet have a blessed Christmas day, and I thank you again for your friendship..and hope to be able to see you more in 2012!

hugs and love,

Phyllis@Around the House said...

Love the Christmas whee do you get the energy...I'll have some of that fudge...yummy