Monday, July 9, 2012

Temporary Home

We've been here a week, but I have been busy settling in to our Blue and White Trailer.  It had to be stocked from scratch. When we sold our home, I divided the housekeeping necessities between the Fifth Wheel in my son's back yard and the Motor home we were using for travel at the time. The trailer was still being remodeled.
We have made numerous trips to Walmart and Lowe's, but think we've finally got it...until the next leak, break or whatever.
Today, I wanted to share with you the place we are staying for now. It is East Shore RV Park at Puddingstone Lake in Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas, Ca. (I think that covers it).  Anyway, it is a grassy park full of trees. We are not right on the lake, but can see it from the front window of the trailer.
We drove around a little today and I took some pictures. Some are a little dark, don't know why because it was a beautiful day.
We started out doing laundry across from the store and office.

Then we drove around the campground side of the lake.
It isn't accessible from this side except a fishing beach  I'll show you in the last picture.

There are beaches all around and even a Raging waters somewhere close.
A beautiful home tucked among the trees.

We didn't see any skiers, but lots of boats and Mr. SS said you can rent Jet Skies.
Reminded me a little of our favorite camping and skiing lake where we went when our boys were younger and even took some of the grands to...Pine Flat Lake.

This is the little fishing beach I can see from my front window.
There's no swimming from here, but I do walk down and put my feet in the water.
(Don't tell anyone.)

Mr. SS doesn't know how long we will be here...possibly only a couple more days...then off to another adventure.  May not be as pleasant as this one, but I'll keep you in the loop when I know where that loop leads.  I cannot help but secretly hope it leads home, but for now we need to take the work wherever it leads us.

And, after all I am in my Blue and White trailer which I will show you more of in the next post.
I'm going to make a curtain...just to see if I love it before I do all of them, so I'll post to get your opinion.

Hope you are having as good a summer week, as I am.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Susy said...

Looks like a great spot to dip your toes in the water and a lovely home-away-from-home. And in the true spirit of blogging, you know you're going to have to call it a "cottage" - even those it's mobile (:
xo. Wheel on over to LB please.

Nancy B said...

Oh, Beverly, I do hope it is cooler where you are. I've always wanted to live near water. It looks lovely there. Can't wait to see that little b/w cottage!

Happy Sewing!

Creations By Cindy said...

Looks like a great spot to be Beverly. Oh I would have to dip my toes in the water too! And I would have to fish! Love fishing! Praying for God's hand to lead and guide friend! Can't wait to see your curtains! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Enjoy the area as long as you are able and have a great rest of the week. Best wishes, Tammy