Friday, August 17, 2012

How Hot Is It??

Thank goodness it has cooled down the last couple of days. We got back to Bakersfield earlier this week to 110 degrees. I'm telling you, I just don't function well when it is soooo hot. Today is better at only near 100.
Hope it not unbearable where you are. I know it has been hot many places across the country.

It's a good thing I got  some sewing done before we left Chino last week, because I have only done one small project since I've been home. I've been playing with my kids and that's about all.

Last week I did get a couple of dresses done though. My sewing area in the Blue and White just works so well.

Remember I showed you the pattern and fabrics.

One for Camy

One for Lexi

I stacked the buttons on both of them I did on the yellow and white top I made from this same pattern.  With just 2 colors, they show up a little better, I think.

When they picked out the fabric at Strawberry Patches I forgot to get a trim for the straps and skirt.
I had plain ribbon, but you know me by now...I can't do plain.

While we were still in Oxnard, I went on line and found a place in Ventura that said they had lots of trims, so Mr. SS drove me down there after work one day and I found this cute pleated ribbon...just what I was looking for.

The girls loved them and will wear them the first day of school next Monday.

We are off to Tehachapi for a little dose of  Warrior Football.
Our grandson, Kyle is a senior and plays center. I'm really teary eyed  just thinking about him being a senior. It seems only yesterday, my sons played Warrior Football.
I guess it's a sign of age when we wonder "Where did time go?"

Wishing you a "cool" weekend.

God is Good!!
Life is Good!!


Susy said...

Hidy Ho ~ how fun for the girls to have such cute dresses for first day if school. Love the button detail. (Did your mother make your clothes?)

Hope you're finding lots of shade and a/c. I'm shut up in the bedroom with the window unit cranked up (:

Patty@Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Yes, it is still HOT and humid here. I can't remember an August this bad in quite a while. The dresses turned out adorable and the trim was just perfect!

Nancy B said...

Love those dresses!! Your grands are so lucky. I haven't done too much during this hot spell. Hasn't it been awful!? I need to get with the program and busy myself.

Happy Sewing!

My Vintage Studio said...

Good morning!
Sorry I have been visiting many blogs lately. Life has gotten in the way. :(
Your sewing is always so beautiful!
Wishing you a wonderful week!
Hugs, Sharon

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Beverly,
I adore the dresses and the fabric is so cute. I know you make the girls dresses every year for school. You are the coolest Grandma...How proud they must be to wear them. Sew darn darling.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth
PS. I am working on slip covers for my patio sofas.

Creations By Cindy said...

The dresses are adorable! LOVE the colors! You are such a sweet nana! Hugs and blessings, Cindy