Monday, February 9, 2015

A Little Valentine's Sewing and Decorating

Last year, my friend Sandi bought a panel and the fabrics to make a quilt she wanted to throw over the back of her couch for Valentine's Day. Actually she got enough for 2 of them(one for me too), but I only got hers done for now.
She and some other friends came over and we had a sewing day. I sew, they cut, press, pin and we all laugh a lot and eat a lot.
This was one of the projects we worked on.
The panel is from the Pam Kitty Love collection last year. If you have followed me at all, you know how I love those Pam Kitty fabrics.
The blocks all look like vintage valentines. The back is very romantic, don't you think?
I love sewing the binding on the back by machine and it looks like top stitching on the front. So quick.
I machine quilted around the borders and sewed buttons down the center to tie it off.
My machine quilting skills are limited, but using my walking foot it came out pretty good.
The Pam Kitty border is actually the selvage. But it is so cute we left it on. The other side says Kitty Love, I think.

When I took my Christmas decorations down, I knew I wanted to do something different to my hutch.
There is a story to this hutch.  In our previous house, we had a large white hutch that my son and husband had built and I had a table that sat 10. When we moved into our RV small cottage, we gave them to our son who has a family of 8.
When we recently bought our old  new little cottage, we had no furniture at all. This hutch was our wedding present to our son and his wife. It was just sitting in their garage so they offered it to us. It fits just perfectly in our little dining area as does their first table and chairs. ( I will show you those later, I have big plans that includes a can of paint)
There was a solid door off to the right that Mr. SS removed and we have now removed the glass doors, replaced the wood shelf with glass and added a light.
I thought the back of the hutch was too dark, so I was going to paint it white. Then Mr.SS suggested bead board, but that still wasn't what I  pictured. Then, I decided I wanted to put fabric on it and it took me a while to decide which one. This Pam Kitty (I know, what else) fabric with recipes on it seemed just perfect. It lightens things up and adds some interest. I cut pieces of  heavy poster board to fit and covered it with the fabric. It is just sitting up there, so I can change it any time I want.
I don't have a lot of stuff, but I  found enough red, white and  glass things along with a few Valentine things to fill it up.

Here's a close up of the fabric.
And here it is all finished. Those two top drawers are going to be replaced with wire baskets soon.
I like it so much, I think the red and white will stay even after Valentine's Day. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


PamKittyMorning said...

Oh gosh how cute! Love the runner and I love what you did with your hutch!!! You're so clever!

Michelle said...

That hutch turned out so well! Just beautiful!

Creations By Cindy said...

I love your hutch! So pretty and especially filled with all of your valnetine's. The runner turned out adorable Beverly. Ya making me wanna sew now! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Gail said...

My part was the "eating a lot". All your valentines made us feel loved. Thanks for sharing your talents with your friends. I'm blessed because of you.

Humor Me said...

I love the idea of fabric board background!

Love the runner - inspired me!!

Susy said...

You clever girl ~ what a great job! Love the fabric idea, especially since it can be changed.