Monday, October 31, 2016


Besides sewing for my business, I have done a couple of other big projects during the month of October.

I really haven't done any Halloween decorating since my boys were growing up. I love Autumn, Fall and Thanksgiving decorations. and I usually just  do those. But, this year I saw a couple of patterns that inspired me to maybe do my entry bench and shelf with a touch of Halloween. This is one one of the patterns. It is a large bench pillow and since I have done the spring one, you can see here, I already had the gigantic pillow form made for it. 
I had all the fabrics I needed in my stash, except the background white with black polka dot.
I did it all hand applique with blanket stitch, then hand and machine quilting and binding like a quilt
so it took me a long time, but I finished it in time to take a picture for today. lol Well I'll have it next year so  I can do my little entry way corner in what I will call "soft" Halloween.
My new sidelights next to my door let in light and I love that, but it kinda spoiled my photo op this morning.
This is the end of the pillow you can't see in the other picture. It's also my granddaughter, Drew's birthday date, so that is one of the reasons I liked this pillow design. Another is the cute candy corn flowers with vintage black button centers.
I also found this cute pattern on Facebook and really wanted to make it this year for my corner. It is small and perfect for the wall behind my bench. You can find a link for this and the pillow pattern on my Facebook.
The fabrics used for that cute little quilt above are from Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill. I found some at my local fabric store, Cherry Berry Quilts, and some I got from Shabby Fabrics on line. It is a sweet little collection, not scary Halloween and the bottom orange is more a tangerine, I can use with other combinations.
I didn't get this one made, but am all set for next year. That's the way us quilters do things sometimes.
Since I mentioned my granddaughter Drew above, thought I would show you her picture from her very first formal a couple of weeks ago. Happy 17th Birthday Drew.
While I am on the subject of  birthdays, yesterday was my middle son's birthday. Happy Birthday Eric.
I won't say his age, because it would hint at how really old I am. This was taken a couple of years ago.
One more sewing project finished this month. Worked on yo-yos for this for longer than I want to admit, but this was for my cousin. I should do a tutorial on yo yo quilts. It really turned out a lot nicer than some I've seen. I learned a lot.
Last, but certainly not least. I posted this on facebook, but wanted to put it here too.
The view from my porch yesterday afternoon.

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Gail Olds said...

Your Halloween pillow turned out perfect (as I knew it would). I love yo yo quilts. I remember my mom and grandma and David's mom making yo yos.(and a close friend 😄) It takes a long time but worth the wait. Happy birthday to Eric and Drew! Love your post.

Creations By Cindy said...

Awe your pillow turned out so cute. So good to see you post my friend. Enjoyed looking at your pictures. Hugs and blessings, Cindy